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bad experience with boots, looking for recommendation

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Hi All,
The last couple times I went skiing I had severe problems with getting blisters on my feet, and in one case have my toenails fall off! I really enjoy skiing but that is no fun at all so I am hoping I can find a solution. I don't go all that often (maybe once or twice a year) so I usually rent. At this point I think I should buy a somewhat decent pair of boots that fit well to try avoid this from happening again.
Do you guys have any recommendation on what boots to buy or where to buy from to help with this? I live in Chicago. Going skiing in Colorado in a couple weeks. I am a size 14 so that's probably part of the problem. Don't want to spend too much as I don't go too often. Also any recommendation on what sort of socks to wear underneath to help avoid this problem? Any help is much appreciated, thanks!
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Find a competent boot fitter in your area. BUY WHAT FITS YOU! Wear thin socks.
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 "Ask the Boot Guys" - I'm pretty sure one of them works in Chicago and can get you set up.
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 like it says- buy what fits you and get fitted by a pro at a good specialty ski shop, not a big box sporting goods store. The good news is that larger sizes don't sell that often so are more likely to be on sale, the bad news is that choice may be limited. Since you don't ski that often, you probably won't be buying the highest end boots which can get expensive- but boots are the one thing that you don't want to scrimp on. Boots bought at retail,or even on sale, from a good bootfitter usually include custom fitting- grinding ,padding, stretching, whatever it takes to get a great fit. We've gone over this in fine detail on this forum. The first step is finding the best shop in Chicagoland or getting them in Colorado where you'll have the shop at the bottom of the hill and they can adjust them after you ski them, each day if needed. Generally the best shops are at the mountain, but not always. Good luck..  
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 Go to Vertical Drop in St. Charles and ask for Rick. He fitted me with new boots this year that were 2 1/2 sizes smaller than my street shoe. Took a couple of hours to get them to fit, but the performance is great. Tough to get into but no pain. As a masters racer I wanted the best performance possible. If you don't need that he will get you something that fits your needs. You won't get that service unless you go to a specialty shop. Rick also is a member of this forum and part of the boot fitters group.
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A couple of thoughts.

1.  On your to-do list before going skiing add "cut your toenails".  Seriously - cut them short and you will nothave as much problem with them rubbing on end of boots.

2.  Blisters make this sound like your boots move a lot on your feet.  Rather than assuming you take a size 14 boot go to a hop and have them determine your proper size.  Even if you do not buy them at the time it is nice to know what size you take in a ski boot.

3. When teaching new skiers most people tend to rent a boot that is too large.  They are not used to putting ski boots on their feet and do not realize that the boot should fit like a glove and that ski boots generally run a size smaller than shoes.

4. Size 14 is big.  Go to a ski shop and get fitted and buy a pair that fits.  if you have problems you can go back and have them help you.  Note that you are very limited in what is available as many lines do not go above 12.  head has the Edge series that has one boot that large - not sure who else.

When you get your own boots you ma find yourself skiing more because you have an investment in your equipment.  You will also have to wait in less lines to rent.  Sounds like a lot of fun!

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size 14 a problem?  should be a dream finding a pair of boots from a bunch of people who have size 12 feet, and bought waaaay too bigga boot! 
In all seriousness though, go see a real bootfitter.  It narrows it down a little when all they sell is boots, and their sign out front doesn't say Sports Authority.  Hopefully, to avoid spending too much money, the bootfitter you go see has a pair of last years model for a few hundred bucks off.  I ended up being fit for boots, and got out the door for $270.  Sadly, the cork footbeds had to wait. 

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The problems you had with your boots are a signs of a boot being too big, and not supporting your feet. Find a good boot fitter, and maybe footbeds.
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