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Vonn Hurt, but still skiing...

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 Did you guys see this- In this morning's NY Times- she's ok, and raced today, but took it easy. They didn't include the photo on the web edition so I scanned it for you...

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damn, is it time to pull her out before the Olympics? (a save the quarterback reference) I sure want to watch her full on in February. Those must be slalom skis. Thank god it wasn't a speed event crash. still, not a happy camper.

edit: just viewed TC's clip. the slalom skis in the B+W image are just transportation. damn, it was at speed.
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 Did you see this?
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A goddess, no doubt. Tough as nails. Best of luck to her- I'm rooting for her all the way to Whistler and beyond. If her record is any indication, you can be pretty sure she won't back off these next few weeks going into the 'Lympics... 
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Originally Posted by Trekchick View Post

 Did you see this?

Yup I saw that... live and in person, unfortunately. I'm one of those 4 guys (Ieft one with grey jacket) between those two Gosser commercials (31sec into video). She fall just 2 gates under us, and it's never a pleasant thing to see something like this.
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 Primoz, you really are a bit here and a bit there, eh?

I'm sure its not cool to see those kind of crashes in person.  Hope all is well for her with the olympics!
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Hehe yeah, I really am a bit here and a bit there :) 

I hope she will be fine, even though I still don't know what really is with her. There were rumors in Lienz she has broken bones, and there were rumors, she just beaten up a bit, but nothing was broken. So I have no idea what is true.

But then again, I saw her yesterday morning during warmup and she was hardly holding pole in her hand, and she was not able to put any pressure on it. So I don't know. And I certainly don't know what was point to go racing yesterday. When I saw her on warmup track I though "wow tough girl", but when I saw her skiing I was wondering if this was really necessary. Day or two off would speed up recovery which would be, in my mind at least, more useful then few points for place 18.
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 Although I'm not amidst the first hand rumours(oxy moron eh?) that you are, I tend to agree that a few days off to heal may be a smart thing to assure that she's in shape for the big O!
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couldn't help but notice she fell at the gate that appears to have been recently tended in some manner by a race official...I know that concentration in this sport is of the utmost, why is that person there with what appears to be some sort of grooming device?  Is that normal for them to be on the course and so close to gates!?
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I do some gatekeeping. The gatekeepers are constantly in and out of the coarse at various places to do their grooming and gate replacement, fetch a ski for a racer. They usually keep to timing that doesn't distract the racer on course. I can't view that now, so I can't tell if he had become a distraction. If a racer feels she was distracted she would put a hand up to protest and ask for a re-run.
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 I'm pretty sure problem was not with gatekeeper. They are always there, and they are not that close to gates as it might look on TV. There was ice plate around those gates, and pretty much all US girls had exactly same problems, just it didn't end this bad for rest of them.
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And she is back to back to back with victories in Haus! Go Lindsey!
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Originally Posted by MastersRacer View Post

And she is back to back to back with victories in Haus! Go Lindsey!

Yes she had an awesome weekend even with the injury. You could see them cutting off the tape on her wrist after each run.

WC Downhill x 2

Now that's a good weekends work, and really extends her overall points tally (133) over Maria.
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