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Boot Deals

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Hey fellow bears,
     I'm about to pull the trigger on a pair of boots. I thought I was going to get some for Christmas, but the fam gave me money instead. I'm on a budget, 200-300 dollars but want a nice performance boot. I've gotten fitted locally and know that I'll fit well into a 29 or 29.5 boot. I found some lange fluid 100 and 120 online, the 100's being 189.99 and the 120's more like 300. I was also looking at the Tecnica Agent 110's and Salomon Kaos boots. I'm 5'10 230lb and was hoping I could get some advice towards boot deals / which might work best for me. I'm not in the park ever. Ski about 50% tree's 50% groomers in the northeast. I know the best way to do it is trying the boots on and finding out which one feels best, but I'm trying to gather input this way. 
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Read the WIKI on how to find the right boot for you at the top of the "Ask the boot guy's section".  Pay close attention to how to shell size the fit.  Get the right size, ( the 120 flex---based on your weight).
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I've read the section and I've already been fitted / know the shell size I need. I just wanted input on flex and the boots I'd found already as I'm unfortunately limited by a budget.
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flex is a person thing,  what flex worked for you during this "fitting" that you had done?

fitting to me = length, flex, volume, heel hold down, shin pressure, etc.   LOTS more then just a shell length
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I tried on a few different boots. Some Tecnica Dragon 110 and 120's, Nordica Ignition and some other boot i can't remember. I liked the dragon 120's the most, but they were like 600 dollars at the shop. I found that my right foot is wider then my left in the my pinky toe and to next to it. I will most likely need whatever boot I get to be molded accordingly. I found also that my heel was held down well by all the boots, but I couldn't feel much difference between the Ignitions at 90 flex and the dragon 110's. I'm not so sure what you mean by shin pressure. My last pair of boots were a garbage pair of salamon perfomia that some teenager had fitted me for at a local chain sports store. He had me in 30.5 when I should've been in 29.5. My shins hurt just thinking about it.
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