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Arc'teryx bibs

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Hi all,

My first post here. I've finally decided to get some decent pants and after much consideration, I've decided to get some Arc'teryx bibs. I am trying to decide between the Theta SV's and the Stingers and I can't really figure out what the difference is between the two functionally. When I used the "comparison" tool, it indicates that the Stingers are not "breathable". I don't understand this as both are Goretex. The Stingers also have Power Shield which is also breathable I thought.

Also, I'd be interested in anyone's experience with the Stinger's in general as there doesn't seem to be many reviews of them (as opposed to the Thetas).

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Theta SV are quite a bit more burly.  SV stands for "severe" or something similar.  I have the alpha SV and they are really nice for wetter days.  From what I can tell, they have slightly heavier fabric, and much stronger schoeller cuff protection, which protects the inside of the pants from your edges.
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I went through the same choice last season and ended up with the stinger.  Mostly based on the extra pockets on the thighs they have that the theta do not.  Sure, not necessary, but hardly obtrusive to have, and handy on occasion.  The draw-cord belt on the theta is appealing as a skinner guy though.
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some Arcteryx pants are designed, at least in part, for a climbing harness, or so it seems (edge protectors indicate otherwise unless it's for randonee type climbing/skiing). the thigh pockets opening is to the side, not from the top, and they have no 'drop' so anything you put in there while in a sitting position (chair) falls right back out. not a big deal, but not perfect either.
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I also like the fact that the Stinger's have the pockets there but I always have a jacket anyway. I do like the adjustable waist on the Theta's b/c I'm a thin guy (6'4", 197 lbs). So that makes it a toss up. However....

The thing that's really confusing me is here:

This makes it look like the Stinger's are not breathable, which doesn't make sense b/c they're both Gore-tex, although the Stinger also has Polartech Powershield in it (listed on another page). Would that make it non-breathable? Or maybe its just an omission on the page.

The main problem here is that there is no retailer anywhere near me that has both for me to look at so I need to make the decision without seeing either.

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The Stinger and Theta are both Goretex Pro-shell, about as breathable as goretex can be.  The powershield listed for the Stinger is only the upper-back portion of the bib, not a liner or anything.  If anything, I would imagine the stinger is slightly more breathable due to a thinner laminate of goretex? ( I'm just making stuff up here, based on the Theta SV being their "severe weather" product.)

Stingers pockets are top-entry, so nothing will roll immediately out.  Hard decision to make, maybe take whichever you can find the best deal on.
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Went with the Stingers and I couldn't be happier. They are perfect for me. My friend who was skiing with me last week saw them and he liked them so much that he bought a pair of his own right at the mountain.
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