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Why I'll think twice before getting bindings mounted at Sports Authority

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It was so cheap, I couldn't resist...  But alas,




Truly a sad day for my K2s, especially with an upcoming ski trip. 
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Why would anyone go to Sports Authority for anything ski related? Let alone to mount bindings.
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gee, why is the quote "So horribly sad. How is it I feel like laughing? seem fitting ... : (

big store, big pockets ... maybe they'll own up to stupidity
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They let that out to you??? Manager, clean up in Isle 4. 
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Had the same crap a month ago with a shop with a good rep overhere....
They replaced the bindings on my volants just forgot, the newer binding had 1 riser plate less and was therefore 0,5cm lower so the screws where 0,5 too long.... and gave similair mountains on my skis

Glad to be able to fix it myselve. (just take the screws out, make them a bit shorter, probe the holes with a dental stick brush and vacuum.
Bit of glue in the hole (make sure its not tixotropic, white woodglue should do fine). 
From this point you should clamp them in a bench and make sure they dry.
Remount the binding with shortened screws.

Then you have to make the bases flat again, i use a skivision base flatner/structurer for that.

Alternative, just flatten them...

Oh and learn to do your own skis, or find a reaaaaal good shop.

PS: I was to pissed to go back, i would probably have scalped the idiot...
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 Okay please take this in the manner in which its intended, because its not really funny, but I have an almost sitcom like image in my mind of some doofus doing this job with a bevis and/or butthead look on his face, without a clue he'd done anything wrong.

Not funny, but extremely laughable.

Hope you get things straightened out with them before your ski trip.
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One time I went to Sports Authority to buy some workout clothes. At checkout, the kid kept on trying to scan one of the items, but it wasn't going through. Finally he just threw it in the bag. I was like WTF, but he just shrugged his shoulders and said, "Summer job". 

Probably the guy mounting skis that day got pulled from the shoe aisle. Sorry to see that.
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how much time before you go skiing? maybe you could get a signed refund invoice to use when you get back. If they'll give you new skis, you could ski those and take care of it later. for soft snow you won't notice it, anything but ice really would be OK, IMO 
I'm not so sure it's repairable, though I've done what Ivo described before with varying success. The thing you don't need is skis where the base has been pushed away from the core. could compound in time.


I go with the parachutist's philosophy: roll your own chute (learn skills first, measure 3 times, drill/screw once) good luck.


Originally Posted by lemmiwinks View Post

It was so cheap, I couldn't resist...  But alas,




Truly a sad day for my K2s, especially with an upcoming ski trip. 

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How did Sports Authority compensate you for their screw up?
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That sucks. Even seasoned ski shops mess up binding mounts now and then, however. It's relatively easy to mess it up if you aren't paying attention to what you are doing.

I would second the reccomendation, however, about steering clear of sporting goods chains for skiing-related maintenance.
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Yeah I was just sad on account of it's a pretty cool set of skis.  The guy seemed to know what he was doing, but when I came in to get them he showed me that and said he used too much glue, which expanded and bulged out the base.

They are actually being pretty good about getting me something else, I think the dude is trying to hunt me down some extremes right now.  Unfortunately I already left, on the plane right now actually, but hey I guess I've got a new set of skis for next season.

Good to hear that these will probably good on anything but ice because I'm gonna be using them for the next couple weeks!
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Too much glue? you gotta be... Well he might have sniffed it but not in your ski. Even with tixotropic glue (the expanding kind) you will not get this. you will need to press the base from the core (delaminate) to get this. most likely he got the screw length false or hammered the bushings/plugs in.

Well i dared to do it myselve because:
-it was 1 screwpoint under my heel, just lifting the base for approx 1mm
-It happened on my old skis and not my new skis.
-Les face it i will be skiing the new ones more as the old ones.

I was pissed because i love those skies, if i would have found a pair of unmounted volant powerkarves TI longer as mine 173 in the netherlands i would have bought them instead of my new used Volk Grizzl 177. If it happened to my new skis.....and i would not get the answer/service i should get... well the skishopguy should start learning to walk with 3 legs and one is not bending.... And that is funny..

Grinn actually Volkl should use this as marketing, because on my new ones the binding points are integrated rails, allmost impossible to do that wrong. But not much choice either.

But make sure you have the last laugh on this. Companies have liability assurance for this. Better for them to pay for new skis as your bones...
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Those skis had some good days.


Wait, did this only happen to the toepieces?

Did he remove those 4mm Lexan shims that were originally underneath the toepieces, but reused the screws that were specifically sized with those shims in mind?

If that was the case, then that would explain what happened.  No BS about too-much-glue.
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I don't know what he did with them, but I figured the glue thing was probably bogus since the heelpieces were fine.  It was definitely the toepieces, so he probably did take them out for some reason. 

They still skied really well in Park City today, at least it seemed like it.  I don't know if it was any worse than usual because this was actually my first time skiing them.

As it turns out though this won't be quite as horrible a thing as I originally thought, apart obviously from the blemishing of a gorgeous pair of skis.  The snow was hiding a few rocks today that scratched up the bases a bit, which would have been really annoying if they hadn't already been so messed up.  Guess I've got myself a pair of skis for sketchy conditions now, assuming Sports Authority doesn't want to keep them.

On that note though I don't know how you managed to keep the top sheets so nice DtEW, I think I did as much to them in one day as you did the entire time you had them.  I don't know what it is...
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about not freaking out when skis are damaged: I once had just bought a new pick up truck. A friend of mine (kind of like the Clint character that hates anything new) walked up to it and punched a dent into the side. There, he said, you've got your first ding, now you can relax, it's a f'n truck.
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davluri: I totally agree, that's why I like getting stuff used unless it's something like shoes that wear out easily.

DtEW:  I think I finally found out what the guy did.  I thought I remembered there being a clear mounting plate under the toepieces.  Sure enough, when I looked back at those pictures you sent me there it was.  It isn't there anymore, so I guess that would explain what he did.  Why he would take something like that out and assume there would be no negative consequences I have no idea, but I guess I learned my lesson.

I'm thinking of just keeping these skis with the bindings on as a backup pair and getting a new set for the new skis (which I'll get mounted at a ski shop ) but if I don't does anyone know where I could replace that plate to use these bindings again?  There's a picture below if it's unclear what I meant by mounting plate.

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You should have checked them before you even left the store.  Even at the best ski shops I inspect their work.  Do yourself a favor, pack the skis up and go get some rentals.  Once they hit the snow, good luck getting any refund because some middle store manager will blame you for the damage.  Besides, in the condition those skis are in, they will ski like crap any way!

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Looks like the plate fell of the toes pieces when the binding was removed and the tech forgot to put them back on before mounting them. All you need to do is remove the toe piece put the plate back on and then remount to toe piece. The ski is already wreaked but you can get rid of the dimples in the base with some heat and clamps. If done right the base can be restored to perfectly flat again. Now the internal damage cannot be fixed. Unless you want to completely replace that section of the base.

This is something you should catch before ever leaving the store. Now that you have left and skied on them it will be harder to get them fixed. Someone could easily pick up a pair of skis take them home remove the toe piece then remount the toe piece without the plate then take it back claiming the store did it. I believe most mounting paperwork you sign when picking up the equipment has terminology stating you looked at the skis and accept the skis how they are.
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I actually did catch it in the store, but since it was my only pair of skis and they couldn't replace them in time for my Utah trp I decided to use them as they are and get the new ones when I get back.
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Good Luck getting a refund after you used them, I hope you got a letter or something from the store.  As a follow up, please note on this thread if you were able to ski on them.  I can't imagine they will track very well in this condition.
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Well I had never skied on them before this happened so I can't say relatively, but I was able to ski on them just fine.  It really didn't seem to affect them much, probably slowed me down a bit though I'd imagine.

Also CR0SS I don't have the mounting plate anymore so I'm wondering where I could find one?
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