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Where to go with wife

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I am planning this year's ski trip and the wife wants to go. I am looking at either Big Sky, Telluride, or Jackson Hole.

The wife does not ski, but does want to do some snow tubing, snow mobile rides, and maybe dog sledding (or something like that). The places I have listed are new to me...I have been out west many times, but want to try a new ski area. I am hoping that some of you could recommend the best place from the three I have listed that will have a lot of winter activities...especially snow tubing.

Please do not respond with which place is the best to ski...I will be happy no matter where I go (being from Kentucky)!

Thanks for your input!
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 That would depend on WHAT you like to ski as well.  Haven't hit Big Sky yet, (I hear snow is great, though) so I'll give you brief info on JH and Telluride...  Terrain is great at both places, (I like JH better for terrain) with more lift served, crazy stuff at JH, so less hiking needed = more runs.  Grooming is a bit more extensive at Telluride.  I've always had better snow at JH.  Both have VERY nice hotels, but Telluride doesn't have many in the less expensive category, but ask for info on that. 

Don't know if Telluride has snow tubing, (check website,) but Snow King resort in the town of Jackson has night tubing (not sure of day.Great towns to lurk around if you're into the shopping thing.  My husband has been snowmobiling at both, liked it both places.  Telluride has a great network of gondolas between the town and ski area, so transport is easier than the bus system in JH if you don't have a car.  

No matter how much I compare, though, the Tetons are one of those places you need to see before you die.  Nothing compares.

You'll have fun no matter where you go.
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Thanks for the input. It does seem that Telluride is a bit more expensive on lodging...we have been looking at VRBO and a lot of other sites. It seems that Telluride has a snow tubing place called "Thrill Hill". Has anyone been there?

As I stated, I am not worried about myself and where to ski. I am always goal right now is to satisfy the wife.

Any input on Big Sky from anyone?
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I have been to Big Sky and Jackson Hole, but not Telluride.  I loved the skiing at both mountains and Big Sky was never crowded, but here are the pitfalls.

Jackson Hole - The base area is very minimal and the town of Jackson is 15 minutes away by car.  Longer if you use the shuttle.

Big Sky - The base is smaller than Jackson Hole and there is not a nearby town for shopping and sight-seeing.
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Big Sky is a great ski resort with not much else going on.  You can get a ski in condo and your wife can cook for you all day long,  That's what I would do.
Telluride is a great ski town.  It's small enough to walk around so you won't need a car.  The town has nice restaurants and shopping, but there is not much else except bad roads within 100 miles.  I'll be there this year if you want to get together to ski.
Jackson is a little bit bigger town, but the ski area is a 15 or 20 minute drive from the town.  It's also near Yellowstone Park, and you can do ski mobiling and all that stuff.  The town is also only 6000 feet, if altitude is a concern.  I haven't been there in 10 years, but Bubba's was my favorite restaurant in all ski country.


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I'd definitely narrow the choice to Telluride or Jackson for offslope activities if your wife doesn't ski.  Personally, I'd pick Jackson in the winter, and Telluride in the summer, but you really can't go wrong with either.  They're two of the most stunning settings in the lower 48.  Jackson is (slightly) easier to get to, but less convenient to get around once there.  Telluride is nice is because it's all so compact.  You have a small, very walkable restored old mining town connected via gondola to an even smaller, modern ski village.  Jackson is an upscale, but very western town, 15 minutes from arguably the best ski mountain in the country, and a beautiful 60 minute drive from Yellowstone.  A snowmobile trip through yellowstone in the middle of winter is an experience you'll never forget.
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I would strongly recommend Whistler or South Lake Tahoe. I have a non- skiing wife. And that's where I go.
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