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Places within 5 hours of NYC?

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I live in NYC and wanted to take my wife (who had never seen snow until last weekend) and our one year old to a place near NYC (we are OK driving up to 5hours) where they can see mountains, snow, and perhaps even take a few classes on learning to ski.

We have the catskills and Poconos closeby, so I was wondering what you folks would suggest...should we try one of these two (and if so, which one?) or drive further north to vermont/new hamshire?

Thanks in Advance!

P.S. we are looking to go from Wed-Sunday of this week...
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Try Manchester VT- i would suggest the Equinox if you can get a room although there are other options like motels, B&B's and ski condos. It's near two ski areas-Bromley and Stratton (Stratton offers day care if you want to take lessons); Entire town is full of outlets, shops, and restaurants. It's supposed to snow all weekend. If you go, call ahead for reservations at restaurants and even for ski lessons- it's usually a very busy weekend.
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 Welcome to Epic, cross posting the same thread in more than one section can get confusing, so I closed the other ones with a redirect here. 
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I would strongly suggest Southern Vermont. I live in PA, and work in the Poconos. They're pretty and all, but if you're willing to make the trip, VT beats them out hands down (I moved to PA from VT, so I'm pretty familiar with both). Manchester is a good option. Going to Ludlow and skiing at Okemo is a great option as well. Ludlow is a great town, and Okemo has a great ski school. I would personally avoid Killington. The crowds there are much bigger, and the town of Killington is more geared towards adult nightlife than families.
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Close would be Camelback, about 1:45 minutes drive from NYC. Has some nice scenery and its' close. Maybe stay at Great Wolf Lodge. 
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First let me warn you.  This may be the worst time of year to go as far as crowds go and being able to get good service.    I would hate for your family have a bad experience your first time out.  Things you need to do wherever you go:
  1. Call the mountain to make ski Instruction reservations.
  2. Call for hotel reservations NOW. 
  3. Make sure you plan to get to the mountain early like 7:00am.  If you can stay overnight in a hotel close by the mountain the night before.  This is extremely important for first timers.  if you plan for 7:00am you might get there by 8:00am which is a good time.   This avoids the crowds and may ensure you are able to get into a ski or snowboard instructors class.  If you get at the mountain after 9:30am you will be overwhelmed with the crowds this time of year and you might not get into a ski/snowboard class.
  4. When you get to the mountain head right for the ski instructors desk to get into a newbie class.  Ask about a ski 123 program discount program or other discounts for newbies.
  5. From there go to rent ski or snowboard equipment.  again ask about ski 123 program discount. I recommend ski equipment.
  6. Buy your lift ticket and get ready for your first instruction. 

Should be a high of 28 degrees next few days which is not to cold and the wind should not be a problem starting tomorrow.  Today they have high winds. 

I recommend Belleayre in the Catskills.  Its 45 minutes from Kingston Thruway exit 19 which is mile marker 91 from NYC.   (easy to remember 91 is exit 19 backwards )

For the ulitmate lodging try Emerson

In Kingston, NY which is 45 minutes away from Belleayre, Hunter, and Windham there is the
Hampton Inn.  I suggest this because you may have trouble finding lodging else where. 

Good luck and remember to enjoy yourself. 

I also recommend the Skytop Restaurant for good food and microbrew
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The Catskills are real mountains, up to 4000 feet high, while the Poconos are really just a plateau.  I think the Catskills are not as pretty as the Adirondack, Green or White Mountains because of the lack of evergreens, but then they have waterfalls.  I also recommend Belleayre.
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I got a ski & stay package at The Swiss Inn between Okemo & Stratton in Vermont (I skied Stratton) for 2 days. They fed me dinner, had a nice clean room, tix for stratton, and breakfast for $125 a night midweek... the only catch is you should tip the breakfast server... the food is very good and cooked to order.  best deal I've had in years!

You need to drive to the ski area, but unless you're staying on the slopes you have to drive anyway, so I don't mind that

best wishes!.
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 Also look into Berkshire East in Charlemont, MA.  Very nice mountain with a good ski school that doesn't get crowded on weekends.  Not one of the "big" mountains, but it skis big and is relatively inexpensive as well.

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