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Personally, I ski much better sober and I enjoy it more.  Alcohol = downer, skiing = upper; why cancel each other out?  When I ski I'm looking for the adrenalin dump buzz, not the relaxed sleepy wine by the fire buzz.  Give me a energy drink on the slope, save the downers for warming up around the fire.
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I am totally against skiing while drinking. I never drink doing any outdoor
activity. (Cept the pool :) )

HOWEVER... I did learn a few things skiing buzzed on a school slope
(chaired, not carpeted) and I must say that, since skiing is a very
touchy feelly sport to master, skiing without any inhibitions does
offer another point of view. In my case, it was better muscle isolation.

I was buzzed at the time (probably 0.05) and was on a wide slope
during a weekday with hardly 10 people on the entire slope (600ft high, 1KM long).

This is the only way I could conceive it would make sense to ski buzzed.
Skiing drunk has no merit whatsoever.

But yeah, you do NOT want to reduce your inhibitions to feel the rush
of skiing! I want to feel the whole rush!!!
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Originally Posted by Old Boot View Post

Are there any drugs that actually inhance our feelings or connection with the snow?
Might be fun to get a government gratnt to do a study??
Oh ya swimmers that puff get gold also!!

I can help you find a large group for your study. Just don't give them the placebo, they'll know. Answer: yes, they're called psychedelics. not suggesting........
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I like a scotch as much as the next guy...but now when I am skiing. Afterwards...I will consider it. As a kid, I did like skiing stoned..I remember once thinking 'I can feel my whole edge' , but the last time I tried it a few years back, I felt the disconnect. I get my high from "gear". ;) 
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Skiing on a blended scotch; how base, how boorish indeed!  The thought of it gives me the willies.  Eeeeew ...
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I've skied pretty bombed back in the day, but it was always on mellow groomers going the speed of the slowest guy in the group (which was really slow). It was more about hanging out than skiing. Luckily, I've never had the urge to try and push the limit on speed or difficulty or jumps while drunk like some people I know seem to like to do.

Nowadays, I like to have a beer when I stop in to warm up, but that's about it. Doesn't really affect my sobriety, and if anything makes me feel warmer in the extremities. The difference in my skiing ability and judgement is negligible IMO.
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I lived in Europe for 6 years (between my 35th & 41st birthday, I'm now 50) where a drink at lunch is almost required.  But having skied sh_t faced I look back and wonder how I could have been so stupid. 

That being said, when in Europe again I'll enjoy a beer, wine or a quick schnapps at lunch. 

FYI, any one who has been to St. Anton has enjoyed watching the drunks at the end of the day at Mooservirt try to put on their skis.  For years I watched and laughed until my my last trip to St. Anton as a EU resident, when I was the drunk and my girlfriend (now wife) quickly took away my skis and made me walk down the mountain. 
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