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Appalachian 12-28-09

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OK, took the 7 year old for his fourth ski day over the past three years.  He's not quite there yet, but we tried for about an hour and a half this morning until he/we got tired.  he can do the carpet run bunny slope solo pretty well (with edgie wedgie).  But, he still needs back up on anything bigger.

7:30 am, halfway there!

Ripping in on the belt

Cool as a cucumber on the quad.  Note dad's big thumb  50% of my goals today were to see how he would handle the chair, height, offramp, etc.  No troubles at all there

Sorry, Epic fail on trying to get photos of us actually skiing, too busy skiing along side or right behind him

30 minutes after we got back to the car

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 Great post, even without action shots.
My son is seventeen -- seven seems like a million years ago.
(He got his wisdom teeth out today, so no skiing for us over this Christmas break.)
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Wish I had a helmet cam.  Last tun I let him take off for the bottom half.  He almost fell, touched the snow and recovered.  Then he headed straight for a never ever ski school class at the bottom.  I was yelling "PIZZA RIGHT... PIZZA RIGHT!!!!!!!!!"  He ripped a perfect little fish hook at the last second right in front of "The French Swiss Ski College" professor who said. "that's what we mean by "pizza pie"
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 When my son was young and learning we were on the rope tow hill at the local bump (Bradford, maybe 100 feet vert).  He was going straight down the hill with no turns, and I was gearing up to deliver a lecture about skiing in control when it occurred to me he was making a sharp turn at the bottom and stopping right behind the last person in line to go up again.  Hmmm.... Kids are the ultimate "who cares about form if it works?" skiers.
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