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Decent Hotel near DIA?

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Looking for recommendations for decent and relatively inexpensive lodging near the DIA (or somewhere with easy access between DIA and the ski areas).  We are arriving in the evening, plan to stay in the Denver area 1 night, and drive to ski areas the following morning. Thanks.
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 The motels near the airport are a little more expensive than some others.
I'd suggest driving to Golden (the last suburb just before the interstate starts climbing into the mountains) and staying there.  It is not that much further than the airport motel strip and you will have a jump on traffic in the morning.  I stayed in a La Quinta in Golden -- not fancy, but clean, a good mattress, free WiFi, free breakfast, for $55.25 a night as opposed to $123 a night the last time I stayed near the airport.
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I'd suggest driving to Golden (the last suburb just before the interstate starts climbing into the mountains) and staying there.  It is not that much further than the airport motel strip and you will have a jump on traffic in the morning.

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Two weeks ago, I stayed at the Comfort Inn Airport on Tower Rd. just a few miles from the Airport. Only cost $79 and was quite comfortable. You have several choices on Tower Rd. Just about every chain hotel is there and competitive prices. We usually stay there if we have an early flight out. Saves driving through rush hour traffic.

Your idea of staying near the airport then driving to the mountains early the next morning is ok, unless you are arriving on a Friday night. I wouldn't want to be fighting weekend skier traffic to the mountains on a Saturday morning.

For hotel choices and pricing, go to Good luck.
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agree that unless super late arriving, better to make it at least to Golden or ever further west, Evergreen?  In the AM, depending on your start you could have to fight I70 rush hour thru the city, instead as others suggest, get to the west of Denver 1st.  Also if you are up I70 some distance from Golden, you could maybe make first chair depending on where you are actually heading.
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Ya, like there's a lot of places to stay in either Golden or Evergreen?
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 I agree with staying on Tower Rd the night before you leave, but it seems silly when you arrive.  I'm too keyed up to crash [figuratively speaking, I hope] right away anyway.  But maybe that's because I'm a night person.

(I will have that for various reasons I did not get to comparison shop the last time I stayed on Tower Rd.  There are probably better choices than the one I made.  They are building more and more stuff there all the time.)

There are a few other choices up in the mountains (Georgetown, something-or-other springs), but there is less choice and the motels are older.  If you are going to Summit Co, it seems silly to go that far and not press on all the way.  The Golden option gets you a jump without requiring burnt-out-from-travelling nighttime mountain driving.  If you are going further, different tradeoffs may apply.
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 Thanks, the La Quinta in Golden sounds like it might be a good option. I need to look at times but we'll be getting in well after rush hour on a Thursday. Driving to Golden might eliminate dealing with any rush hour traffic on Friday morning. 
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+ you can go shopping at Applejack's
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Originally Posted by comprex View Post

+ you can go shopping at Applejack's
Applejack's Rocks!!!
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You can get good hotels near DIA really cheap on Hotwire or Priceline--I got a Marriott for $50 this year at the end of a ski trip.
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Staying in Denver the first night seemes to help the wife and I with the altitude thing. We travel mid-week, so rush hour traffic is a concern. On the way out, we stay at the Mariot Courtyard in Golden, (right off I70), nice place and there's a breakfast included). No traffic worries on our way to the mountains early the next morning.

On the way back, (midweek also), we stay on Tower Road near DIA. That gets us beyond the traffic in the AM. We stay at the Radison, (less $ than the Mariot in Golden by the way, ~$80).

As an aside, our itinerary is: first ski-day @ Copper, (one day only), drive to Vail for 5 days of skiing. We split the first two ski-days with a day at Glenwood Springs pool, (HEAVEN). Then two days @ Vail, Saturday off and back to Glenwood, then 3 days between Vail and Beaver Creek. We're getting older, come from near sea level, and this routine works for us. Great vacation!

Have a great time!!!
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A couple of years ago my daughter and I flew into DEN and stayed in the Marriott in Golden.  Nice, clean, good fitness room with pool/hot tub and with a decent restaurant.  Also right off I70 which was convenient.  The drive in the morning to Loveland was a relatively quick one and staying the night at 6000' helped acclimate daughter still struggled the first day at Loveland (base 10K'+) but that's a whole other story! 
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At least six choices right off I-70 at the Wheatridge exit.  Just before you get to Golden.  Very easy on and off.
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Check Wheatridge area and Golden...near the Denver West area is a good spot as there is a mall right by and plenty of places to eat a good meal.     There are a few right off the highway in both locations. 
Jump on the highway and you are on your way... and i was just up the last 2 days and traffic hasn't been that bad.  
Where are you skiing?  
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I will second the TWO predominant suggestions above, based on my experiences! And I'm a slow learner... :-(

Earlier trips out to Summit County, I drove all the way out to Frisco on arrival day. One trip, it was snowing when I arrived, at 10pm. Coming from the east coast, my body thought it was 1am! And I had a 2 hr drive in the dark, twisty I-70 in the snow, as one of the very few cars on the road in that hour and condition! Needless to say, I was tired, worried and a little scared...

After that scary trip, I decided to sleep in Golden. That works out so good I kept on doing that for a few more trips. Until the last time 2 years ago, my flight, which was scheduled to arrive at 11pm, was delayed. By the time I picked up my bags and skies, it was close to 2 am! On the one hand, I was glad I didn't have to drive out to Frisco (or even Georgetown which is still 1 1/2 hr from the airport). On the other hand, the 1/2 hr drive to Golden was quite a drag. After all, my body was telling me it's already 4 am! The hotel signs at Tower road was soooo inviting!!!


Since most of us east coasters will be waiting up at 6am in the morning anyway, I doubt the morning rush hour traffic would be too big a concern.  

So, if your flight arrives at civilized hours, spend the night at Golden would be the best bet (there're more convinient places to eat at Golden for example). But if your flight is arriving at a later hour, consider the possibility of minor delay could put your at a very weired hours driving out of the airport. You might want to just book a hotel near the airport and plan on getting an early start the next morning.

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