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How is Loveland?

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My buddy and I were planning to hit Loveland this weekend.  I noticed there were still a lot of areas closed.  How are the conditions there?  Will more terrain be opened up this week?  thank you. 
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I was at the basin yesterday so maybe I can help a little. Basically if it's not man made or in a north facing spot that gathers snow it's not skiable.  I know they had a pretty good start a few weeks ago but it's not looking good around here right now.  Couple inches in the forecast right now but it's going to take more than that. Pali was sad looking yesterday.
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I was at LV and the snow conditions are great. People I talked to said the Basin snow was great. It is limited, though. The natural terrain has been groomed to preserve the snow, but it is no more than a few inches deep where groomed, about a foot where all natural. Any new openings will require lots of snow and even then will be marginal if not more than 6 inches or so.

The overflow lots have been full by 1:00, which on a normal winter day is no problem, but with relatively little terrain open, it makes for crowded skiing.
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