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eastern storm ski

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(this has probably already been covered & if it has, pls just refer me to the appropriate thread)

but assuming my questions are worth responding to, here goes:

me: 58, expert skier, decent carve technique, good powder skier, 170lb, 5'11"

what i like to do when it snows: soft bumps & trees
where i ski mostly: sugarloaf

my quiver: supershape 160's, monster78's 172, gotama 176's (06 ski), kung fujas 179
the supershapes are my usual ride.  i'll switch to the monsters if it snows a bit or if i want to ski a little faster.  the goats have fritschi's on them and are for my occasional visits to the tetons.  the kf's? - not sure yet - only skied the kf's a few runs last year in spring snow.  fun, but i have a feeling they are too noodly, too soft and too long for what i am talking about

the PROPHET 90 gets raves.  i'm thinking 172cm.  but the CHRONIC CRYPTONITE (i think it would be a 173 for me) got even more raves on (keelty's site).  

anybody want to chime in on the pros & cons of these 2 skis?

i appreciate it

(may it start to snow seriously wherever you may be)
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I am a little confused what do you want this ski for???  An all mountain ski???
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 not an everyday ski

 but a ski to use after 10" + of a dump, and preferably 20"+.

 a ski to use primarily at sugarloaf, primarily in steep, soft bumps.  also in tight trees.  a ski that can carve well enough to enjoy the cruddy  piste later on in the day
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If your going to be using it for snow that deep I would probably go with something bigger like a Prophet 100...Also Volkl Gotama is a good ski...
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so i guess you're thinking along these lines: eastern dumps = pretty dense, heavy windblown snow usually.  therefore 100mm + at the waist?
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I ski same area, same age, same level.
Try The Fischer Watea 101.   Very stable,,yet soft flex. Easy to turn in woods. Call me if you want to try some,,since I will have several models from Fischer.
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 hey gypsy

how do you come by all these skis?  could it be that you work for fischer in some capacity?  :)

might be fun to hook up at the loaf sometime.  are you as fond of the widowmaker (bar) as i am?

now - as for skis.   ya - i know fischer makes good skis.  the watea 101's look like a great ski, but maybe not that wonderful when the bumps get big?  which is why i still think i should be looking for something 90 - 95mm, and with a tighter sidecut
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 you have gotamas and Kung fujas and want P90 for a powder ski over either of those? 

sorry that is amoung the dumbest things I have ever heard. ski the gotamas or Kungs and if you get a didicated storm ski get something much fatter than either. IN all honest though just use what you have as both of those skis rock in powder.
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 Go big and get rocker. My "storm skis" are Volkl Katana and Rossi S7. Those would both be really good for what you want to do.
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 dumb or not, i ordered some p90's last night.  if it dumps 2 feet +, i might bring out something fatter.  thx for the responses
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 I also don't really get it. Why would you ski the P90 over the Gotama in powder?

It seems that you got the P90's because of it's bigger sidecut? IMHO, that sidecut is going to kill you in the deep snow. 
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Originally Posted by seattle_sun View Post

 I also don't really get it. Why would you ski the P90 over the Gotama in powder?

It seems that you got the P90's because of it's bigger sidecut? IMHO, that sidecut is going to kill you in the deep snow. 

   Agreed...but that sidecut is going to make them kill it on the hardpack and groomers =)
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 for sure i wanted a useful sidecut, and yes, i know that sidecut in the teens is not a plus in deep snow.
my goats are great in deep snow, but (maybe partly b/c of the slightly torque-y fritschi's on them, also b/c they have quasi reverse camber) i really do not trust them on packed snow (long, fast traverses for instance).  there comes a point where fatness leads to clumsiness too.  i hope @ 90mm, the p90's will still feel nimble.  i also hope they can slice up eastern hardpack and even ice, as reviews suggest they can (the wind tends to blow pretty hard following big dumps in the east.  that leaves a lot of places on the mountain blasted away and icy)

and who knows - maybe the 90's are versatile enough and good enough that i end up enjoying them on piste carving/cruising days.  we'll see

so sure - goats for back country, cat skiing, etc, but for most snowy ski area days maybe the p90's will fill by bill

i hope to check 'em out next week, following the mega new years nor'easter.  i'll report back.

ps........i asked al's ski barn about the chronic cryptonite (which is kind of a twin to the p90).  the cc got great reviews on  but al's advised me to go with the beefier, more metallic p90.
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 and as for my kung fujas.........well, they are for sure pretty noodle-y - which of course can be fun.  trouble is i bought them too big.  179 measures equivalent to a 184/185 volkl, and maybe most other ski makes.  that's too long for me.  i just don't like to ski that fast or go that straight.  169 kf's must measure more like everybody else's 173/174.  i may still keep an eye out for a pr of these (cheapo)
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