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Energy Snacks for 8yo

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My kid tends to totally bonk mid-morning without some sort of snack.  I've tried offering him a number of brands of food-bars including some marketed for kids like Z-Bars.  He says he hates them all.  I'm willing to be there'd be one he likes but since he had one brand he doesn't, he figures he won't like any others so won't try them.

Anyone have any suggesting for pocket snacks for an 8yo that hates food bars?

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M&M's.  I was at Okemo this past week. My 9 year old loved the Waffle Cabin, though most places don't offer fresh waffles on the mountain, he really liked them.

Clif Bar also makes the clif bloks. They taste like fruit chews for the kids. Also Jelly Belly makes Sport beans. Which are probably just jelly beans anyway, but my son likes those too.
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Cliff Blocks are good. Also what about Nutrigrain Bars or another Breakfast Bar?  Granola Bars with Choc. Chips?   Not always the easiest to carry, but we have also carried around those cheese/peanut butter combo crackers.

Good luck
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Smuckers makes PBJ  or peanut butter and honey crustless sandwiches, individually wrapped in the frozen food section. I think they call them en-crustables or something similar. My son loved them. As a bonus when he did not finish one I got a nice snack to.
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Cookies, bite sized candy (ie. M&M's, jellybeans).  My kids also like the "adult" bars (Mojo at $1 a pop isn't cheap but still cheaper than the lodge grub).  If he can't eat it all, I get something I like. 
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My kids would also bonk. So I just feed them continuously on the lift.  Fig Newtons, bananas and string cheese were some of the more popular items.
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Well unless your kids have some premature weight issue - Snickers bars are the original Power Bar. I grew up on them, so have my kids. I still prefer them on a ski day over power bars. They don't freeze and they're just enough to get me to lunch or the beers at the end of the day.

I have no scientific research to prove this, however, I've noticed that kids seem to metabolize the sugar from a Snickers better that the "energy bars" and there's enough peanuts in it to make it a "health snack" 8-).

We make our kids eat very healthy except for candy on the ski hill. I figure it enhances their little dopamine receptors to love skiing even more.

We've tried a few other things. Bananas freeze/get smushed. Every other fruit is a pain or adds little in calories. They have to be able to eat it on a chairlift with gloves on so that rules out nuts unless they're glued in chocolate and caramel.
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If you want something no-fattening and less sugary, a small bagel (plain or flavored) work well.
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I forgot to mention, no peanuts.  He tested positive of allergies as infant.  He's tested negative since then but the allergist said not to bother to see if he's completely over it until he's 11 or 12.

We did brew up some oatmeal and put it in a thermos for the ride up.  That helped.

I gave him beef jerky last Saturday.  He loves the stuff.  It's salty though so he really needs to snack on it in the lodge with something to drink.
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Lots of great suggestions above.  

As long as excess weight is not an issue, then really whatever he'll eat is a good option, so just anything that he likes and can be eaten conveniently.

Cereal bars and granola bars are a good option as noted above - but do remember that some chewy granola bars get very hard when it's cold, so not easy to eat.  

What about those pudding cups that don't require a spoon - the kids just push the contents into their mouth by squeezing the bottom.

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