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Wolf Creek or Monarch

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Visiting with family in Fountain Co. Thinking about going to Monarch or Wolf Creek. Just wondering which would be easier to get to and which mtn would be better to ski. Thanks for any advice and information. Best driving directions would also be appreciated.
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I live in Security(a stones throw from Fountain) Monarch is AT LEAST 90 min. closer than W.C.
I was at Monarch on Sat. conditions were good ;The blacks were near 100percent coverd w/ a top layer of day old pow at 5-7 in. If you have kids or bringing people of different ability levels ,it's easy to re-group at the bottom as your always in walking distance from the car.
Drive time2 .5 hrs.Hwy 115 south for 35 mi to hwy 50 West for about 95 more mi to Monarch.
10 mi. after you turn on to hwy 50  you'll be in the town of Canyon  city,a few mi.west of canyon  youll drop in to the canyon along the Arkansas river,It's A beautiful46 mi. 2 lane downhill to Selida(sp) Monarch is 22 mi from there.Be aware that there could be chain restrictions on Monarch pass , but  very rare.

Cant share anything on Wolf Creek as the distance has kept me away.

Have Fun !!
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Thanks for the info. We drove out toward monarch Wed. but didn't go all the way. My husband had a bad cold and didn't feel up to skiing(he's still under the weather). We did enoy the drive along the Ark. river and had a nice lunch in Salida. Back in Va now with two unused lift tickets for Monarch. Anyone interested in buying them?
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