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Movement Couloir

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Anyone been on these? They don't get a lot of play in the US, but the geometry and construction look like they'd be nice as a "hasn't snowed in a while" ski for the off-piste oriented skier. Might be a little light for real choppy crud, but I bet they're snappy in bumps. Anyway, a lot of the 90-ish mm waist skis out there are pretty shapey in geometry...these look like a less hooky alternative. Anyone been on them who can report back?

I saw a thread by someone looking for a OSQ in Tahoe where people were recommending P90s, 888, Atlas. Should he be adding Movement Couloir to the list?

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I beleive they are the "new" version of the old Thunder..  I ski the Thunder as my everyday ski and really like it...  It seriously rips on groomers, steeps etc, I ski it up to about 5"-6" of new and then move on to Bro's or Goats depending on conditions..  You are correct about "real" choppy snow, as they tend to get thrown around, but I really like the geometry, nice and straight...   I do beleive the Couloir is softer in flex than the Thunder thus making it more accessible to most people, kinda like what Head did with the old IM88 vs Peak 88 this year..  Anyway, good to hear from you..

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