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Is it Time I Visit a Boot-Fitter?

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so, i've been skiing for the first time this ski season. it was an enjoyable and pleasant experience, except for the constant ache in my feet, primarily my big toes, due to rental boots. my feet are just killing me now!

smartwool's PhD socks provided me with more support with the padding. but still the heel and side of my feet were scrapped in the end. although, slightly better than what happened to my feet last year... the damage and pain caused by rental boots are unbearable. i tried on a size 7.5, but i couldn't fit it. so i sized up half a size to a size 8, i thought it was a perfect fit at first, but i turned out not to be. maybe i need something in between the two sizes? some parts of the boots fit well and others not so well. length wise, yes. width, no.

my question is should i invest in a pair of custom boots, while i am still a beginner? i'm skiing on greens, fairly comfortably. i'm 18 and worry that my feet will still grow. i don't have that kind of money to invest in another pair later on. any advice would be great, thanks!
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why not try the boots on with the footbeds, and if you like them, buy them?

odds are you need the smaller size, and get someone to make a bit more room in them for a few spots.
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ok. so i have decided to invest the money for a great pair of boots(hopefully). i have taken a great deal of time trying to research boot-fitters in NYC, and have heard many mixed reviews. what i plan on doing is to try them on in stores, buy them online, then bring them back to be fitted. some say this is morally wrong, especially if the boot-fitter spent a lot of time trying to help you... but i'm going to be saving myself a great deal of money.

i have read about boot-fitters who strictly fits boots, and not sales people. are there any still around? get boots fitted in the mountains? what about ski shops? i have read many and heard mixed reviews... please guide me towards the right direction. i am looking for someone who can get the job done and also decently priced. not jeff rich who is going to charge me $500 for some footbeds. thanks!
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 Your plan may work, but there is a thing called throwing good money after bad, and you may well end up in that situation too. Trying to save a little upfront may cost you more in the end.
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recommendations on acclaimed boot-fitters in nyc(preferred) or surrounding areas who are decently priced?
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If you do decide to try boots on in a shop and plan to buy them on-line, be honest about it to the person who is helping you. It is very poor form for you to do this when there could be a customer waiting to actually BUY boots from the store. The store might charge you a few bucks for helping you (as they should) or they might tell you to bugger off or they might ask you to come back at a slow time.
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I second what jdoyal has to say. If you go to a bootfitter be upfront on what you plan on doing. Working for free is not fun....especially in buying boots. It take time and knowledge to find the proper boot.
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