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Attitash NH Loding

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I am planning a trip to Attitash in late January. We are going to be getting late Saturday and am looking for a decent inexpensive mom and pop motel within a half hour or so to Attitash, preferably west of Attitash as we will be coming from Vermont.  Any suggestions folks?  Thanks
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The nearest town to Attitash is Bartlett, but it's more of a cross-roads then a real town.  I've driven through Bartlett many times, but off-hand, I don't recall any hotel-type accomodations near there.

The closest big town to Attitash with a plethora of lodging opportunities is North Conway (which is to the east).  North Conway has everything; shopping, restaurants, tons of hotels, etc.

The closest real town to the west of Attitash is Carroll / Twin Mountain.  Carroll's about 30 minutes away from Attitash on the other side of Crawford Notch (which has a short, but extremely steep section...  it can be "interesting" driving over the notch in a snowstorm).  There's a bunch of hotels in Carroll, but not really much in the way of restaurants or other diversions.

In-between Carroll and Bartlett is White Mountain National Forest / Crawford Notch State Park land; there's nothing in the way of services between those two towns.

I haven't stayed up in that area for a while, so I don't really have any recommendations of particular places to stay.  Google-searching the hotels in Carroll and North Conway (the towns of Glen and Intervale are between North Conway and Attitash) should enable you to easily find something.
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Thanks for the input.  I've been and stayed in North Conway a few years back.  That may end up being a good option!
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Red Apple Inn in Glen or Villager are both inexpensive and just seconds from Attitash....last time we stayed at the Villager tho the quality had dropped a bit.....maybe others could comment on current status....

North Conway of course has dozens of options.....my kids really liked the pool at the Holiday Inn Express......but the options are myriad.....

Make sure you eat some steak at the Red Parka....yum!
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If you didn't eat there on your previous visit to N. Conway, the Flatbread Pizza restaurant at the Eastern Slope Inn is very good.  The bar and restaurant both have an apres ski ambiance.
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Bartlet do have motels, google them. Call to see if they're open in winter though.

Don't have personal recommendation for any, for I always stay in the AMC Highland Lodge whenever I'm up there. The AMC lodge is really more of a hostel (a very clean and neat one, might I add)  than a motel. It's situated right on the top of the notch, half way between Bretton Woods and Attitash. I like it A LOT for its central location. Unfortunately, if you're arriving LATE in the day, it doesn't work too well (the room rate includes dinner, which you will miss)

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