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I'm also interested in these two skis. Can anybody recommend a shop in the Seattle or Bellingham areas where I might demo them? Thank you.
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Skied the Lords last year at Crystal mt last season.  They had them at Left Angle demo shop. 

In the upper parking lot cross the bridge, in the lower level of the building with The Snorting Elk; very handy.
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@Owned,  still curious on your feedback. I hope you have had a chance to test out your new boards, and enjiy them as much as I have. They have become my every day ski whether freeskiing or patrolling,no matter what the conditions.  Talk to you soon.
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The Bridge is such a great ski.  Its really become my go to all mtn. ski.  It does everything really well.  Its not great at any one thing but I find it to be the perfect compromise ski.  You will LOVE them. 
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Originally Posted by owned View Post

And to reply to Downhillin99's questions, I am 5' 6" 120 lbs. I ski on the east (really want to go west but never get the chance) - upstate new york and vermont.

Can't tell you much about previous skis, I'm 16 so I used to rent every season. I had some rossi twin tips last year, but I realized last year that rentals are really crappy quality and finally convinced the folks to buy me some skis.

I ski pretty much anything powder, trees, groomers, park, moguls, w/e.

I am a level 8/9 skier.

people need to get a better understanding of the level system.

i refuse to believe there is a 16 year old who's never skied anywhere but the east coast, only rented skis that is a 8/9 level skier, like seriouslyyyy
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Salomon Lord is the same construction as the Lady (different top sheet only) so it is best for a light weight skier who isn't all that aggressive.
Salomon as a company is mostly about great marketing and products that preform well but don't last. Their base material is typically thinner than other manufacturer's bases so it is a lot easier to destroy a Salomon if the conditions are a little rocky.
Volkl used to be an industry leader but now that they are owned by K2, not all of their skis are made in their own factory. Volkl's former head ski designer now works for Nordica. My Nordica Hot Rod Jet Fuel skis track like a Volkl!
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Any more inside industry dish? I'd love to hear it, seriously, not bustin' ya. love that stuff, especially when it fuels my prior bias.

I will say, around here, the Rocker, Shogun, Czar, and some I'm likely forgetting are pretty well received and respected.
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