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Is 180 too long for me?

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I'm 5'11" and weigh 145 lbs. I found a pair of Elan skis for a really good price, and am reluctant to pass it up. They're 180 cm. I read on a ski size chart that I should go 170-190. I'm an intermediate skier. I also need to take into account that these skis could last me awhile, and I'll probably grow to be about 6'3". (I'm fifteen). So do you think these could work for me, or would you reccomend that I don't buy these? Thanks.
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Which ski model? Where do you ski?

15 years ago 180cm were too short for adult males. However, depending on the model, 180cm might be very demanding for a 145 lbs skier to use and may slow your progress as a skilled skier. My hardsnow ski is a 172cm, I'm over 200 lbs.

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