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Good deal or not?

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I'm looking for a good all mountain expert ski.  A local shop has a pair of Head Monster IM78's with binding from last season that only have 3 days of skiing on them, and are in great shape.  They are asking $300.  Is this as good of a deal it seems to be?

I don't think I can get a better ski for what I want (70% groomers/30% off piste) at a better price, but you tell me.  I've been skiing for years, but haven't skied in the last 4 seasons, so I'm a little out of it on the equipment.
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It's a good deal, are they the right size?
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Actually they are the perfect size for me.  I'm 5'10" 175, and the skis are 177's.  Just wondering if I should jump on this deal this week or not.
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