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Having Trouble Finding Salmon Impact 10 CS Bend, Oregon

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I'm really wanting to purchase these boots.


Problem is as far as I can tell no shops in Bend carry them. Mt Bachelor does not go past impact 8's.

Any Ideas where I might purchase these in oregon?

REI has what looks like last years model? (They have flex of 110 and are more red color)



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Why are you intent on purchasing a boot you've never even seen much less had on your foot?  Go to a fitter and by what they recommend and work with them to make it great for you!

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 I'm not intent on purchasing them but Im not purchasing anything until I try them on.

The problem is no one sells them so I was hoping someone knew where I might find a pair.
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So my question remains the same.  Why is this boot so important?  You should be looking for a boot fitter not a boot.
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Its important because 1) I currently have salomons and they fit my feet well. 2) I'm 6'6 230lbs ex racer and need a stiff boot. 3) I have big feet so they can measure all they want but regardless of where I go they have to order.

I belive there is a boot fiter at Mt Bachelor and I will be up there today. However they don't carry any of the "Stiff" boots. so Im not really sure what the point is.  I guess he can fit me with Impact 8's? but They will be to soft for me.


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mark elling is your man at mt bachelor. he is the best bootfitter in the state of oregon. have him assess your foot, and help you make a good boot choice.

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Tried on a million boots today. Found out 29.5 fits me pretty well. (I wear 14 nikes and my current salomons are 30/30.5)

Tecnica Dragons 120
Tecnica Dragon 110


Both of these fit well but the super low cuff heigh had me worried (I'm 6'6" and they did not feel good on my shins at all)

Tried the Head's they seemed nice but gouged the hell out of the underside of my inside ankle bone when i tried rolling my ankle in the boot.

Tried some Impact 9 demo boots.

Bunch of Rossignols (these were gouging the top of my foot when flexed big time)

Finally went to REI and tried on Nordica Speed Machine 110's and Salomon Impact 10's Both of these felt the best of the day.

So I narrowed it down to Impact 10's and Speed Machine's..now back to my same issue as before though no one in town carries the 120/130 flex versions.  The speed machines felt a little larger in the foot area, the salomons hugged my feet nice.  Going back to the mountain tomorow I will ask for Mark Elling. 

Edit: one thing I havn't been able to figure out Salmons Web page has Impact 10 CS that have a flex of 120..
REI has Impact 10's but their flex is 110 and they are a diffrent color?

What is going on here?
Salomon web site version http://www.salomon.com/us/#/ski/boots/boots/impact-10-cs
REI Boots I tried on.. http://www.rei.com/product/759033

Why the difference? and why can't I find the REI impact 10 versions on Salomons web site.



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Sorry to reply to my own thread...

Does Salomon or anyone else make 30.0?  or do they all go 29.5, 30.5.  When they measured my foot its a solid 30.0. But I havn't seen anything 30.0 (30.5 feels to big)
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30 and 30.5 are the same size from most manufacturers including salomon. if a 30.5 feels too big, it is. if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, chances are it's a ...........

go see a real bootfitter. jfwiw they are not hanging out at rei.

all the problems that you have described in your previous posts are all addressable by a good bootfitter. and most of them would not exist at all if you would get in front of a fitter that will guide you towards the best match for your foot. it is not about the boots, it is about your foot, ankle, lower leg, and the boots. only a good fitter will assess those things and prescribe a solution.

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Well i got my new boots Salomon Impact 10's 29.5.  They are great so far (only did 4 runs so far though). No pressure points, comfortable, not to big not to small.  The boot guys at the mountain said ski on them awhile before messing with them.  Was between these and Nordica Speed Machines.
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