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Ski tuning_new skis

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Hello to all in the forum,
after reading some of the posts here in the forum regarding tuning of new ski ( out of the box)...the pros and the cons...
the "fight" of the 2 sides>>just take them out of the box and ski them versus no way ready to ski on>>>

I have to say..being really lazy, and not wanting to spend an hour on 1 pair new skis to prepare all the edges..I really wanted to just find a good reason on this forum to just take all those new skis we got from Santa...and run to the slopes???!!!!

BUT>>I got all these SKIMAN, BEAST ski tuning tool..so I have decided to do at least one ski>>>

RESULT: I  DID ( tuned) ALL  4 pairs of new skis we got!!!!

Head junior ski ( made in Czech Republic)

NOT  BAD, not consistent angles base or side, BUT  probably just fine for the kid to just ski, probably will not notice that I have spend an hour on his edges

Head Xenon 10 adult ( made in Austria)

  similar to the Head junior ski> visible uneven angle marks on the edges from the machine tuning, some tips and tales edges left at 90 deg stage....might "kick" you or throw you off IF they would dig IN ??!!!

Dynastar Contact ( made in France) 

The worst of them all>>>I do not think , anybody would have fun on those ' right out of the box"
base tuned with a mix of some angles ( most probably 1 deg) and just straight FLAT 90deg>>
side angles cut to anywhere from 1 to 2 deg...with long sections by the tail and tip to left at 90deg
Probably to much red wine in the ski shop

I think, I am really happy, I have touched those before them seeing the snow!!!!!!

They all have some wax on them.. I guess fine to ski that layer off and put some fresh wax next time we hit it...

"JUST  TO  ADD some of my noodles in to the soup"
Have fun on the slopes
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We have seen this flavour of noodles before.   

It is up to the ski shop to check this.
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