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need help skiing in ungroomed conditions...

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okay I went skiing again yesterday.. last time for me.. It was pretty bad out there.. Pools at the lift loading areas.. it was like I was water skiing when I was being pulled up by the lift. I put a coat of storage wax on and put the skis away...

But I'm still thinking bout skiing and still trying to figure out how to ski the ungroomed stuff.. The hills were ladend with mounds of mushy heavy snow everywhere and my edges kept getting caught in these mounds.. usually my inside ski would get pulled out while my outside ski was pretty stabil..

Is there some special technique to skiing these conditions or am I just not a strong enough skier to hold my skis down? I'm still learning to carve and put most of my presure on the outside ski; maybe 10-20% inside. I had a couple close calls that I was able to recover from but many falls due to these mounds; broke a pole too.. It really baffels me why I can ski a black diamond fairly well that was clean(very few skiers on it) but I kept getting my edges caught on the green/blue runs which were getting really beatup and choppy.

Well I'll still keep coming back here but I think my season is over with... thanks for any help that I can get from you guys. Its been a good season.
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Smokey, don't end your season! Come on out to the West.

You pointed to your own correction: if your inside ski wanders and you've got no weight on it, put some weight on it so that it will hit the slush balls with some authority.

Also, it sounds to me like you're trying to carve too hard, too deep.

On the slush, I let my skis go just a little flatter, as the softness of the snow allows the edges to penetrate without me creating such a deep-digging angle. Carving is defined by more than the highest edge angle. It is more the edge angle and amount of load that is appropriate to the snow you're on. You want to only dig deep enough to hold, but not so deep that you suddenly slow down, or catch.
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Sprink skiing in MN, through the ponds at the bottom, that brings me back.

Where was that at smokey? Buck, Wild, Afton?
I'm an ex Wild Mtn. skier...
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It sure is different, huh Smokey. [img]smile.gif[/img] I think you're on the right track about weighting that inside ski more, otherwise those snow snakes that live in those clumps of snow will reach out and grab that ski. [img]smile.gif[/img] So put a little more weight on it and maybe if you are making larger radius turns, shorten them up a bit. Good luck and let us know how you did.------------Wigs :
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good points here. I just wanted to add that as you put more of your weight on that inside ski, be sure it is at matching edge angles with the outside. Think of rolling that slightly lighter ski toward the little toe and add a little pressure at a time untill it feels stable.
Also, super slush needs a high level of patience, as things tend to happen slower. A common error is moving the body too far inside of the arc too early because you expect the skis to come around. Because they don't come around as fast in slow spring snow, the skis tend to track out at this point. So be patient, stay with the skis a little longer and tilt that inside ski toward the little toe edge with a little weight on it and you'll fall in love with spring slush. For many of us california skiers, it is one of the prefered snow conditions.
Cheers, Wade
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Treat your skis like water skis in that stuff , even weight and lots of speed.
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i was at Afton

thanks guys.. I dont like the slush cuz as soon as the sun goes down those piles of slush become mounds of hard ICE.. smooth ice is okay but not mounds of it.. i'm not that great of a skier yet... and i've never water skied before...

with regards to the turning.. i've noticed that i usually have to skid my skis around the "U" part of the turn.. is this normal? i guess i make really wide "S" that are flatter... the skis are beta ride 10.20.. does this have to do with the 20m radius of the skis?

i MIGHT go out once more because i want to figure this out and be able to ski these conditions!!

thanks guys.
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