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OT: Westcomb Sale

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I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post this, but Gilt is having a sale on Westcomb gear starting at noon EST today.  Westcomb is great bang for the buck gear and a sale makes it even better.  Gilt is a member only website, so send me a PM if you need an invite (I also get some $ if you order something). 

I thought that some forum members might be interested in this.  But, if this is the wrong area or inappropriate, please let me know or just remove it.

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HI CJO. Just saw your thread. Too late for the Westcomb sale but I would like to join Gilt and would appreciate if you could send me an invite.




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Sure, just PM me your email address.  I've also seen some other brands go up every once in a while- Helly Hansen, Cloudveil, Marmot, Mountain Hardware, etc.



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I just picked up a Westcomb Revenant jacket, haven't worn it yet but it appears very well made.  Can't wait for the snow!

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Coincidently there's a Westcomb sale on TheClymb.com tomorrow. 

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Originally Posted by spknmike View Post

Coincidently there's a Westcomb sale on TheClymb.com tomorrow. 

Can you provide an invitation?

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