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Steamboat December 24th

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Ira and I made some sweet turns on the 24th.  The boat got a Christmas gift of 11" which really was the traditonal "Steamboat reported amount of a few more than that.  Ira and I were at the opening bell and found they had opened much more terrain including sections of the Closets and Shadows, beautiful evergreen and aspen terrain. After laping the front side, we headed into the good stuff. Ira was on his new Obseth's which in about 4 turns became his new best friends. If you don't know Ira, he is a fantastic skier who is rigth at home in the tighest of trees. He was kind enough to help me out with a few great pointers.

The trees were loaded with several feet- yes several feet of untracked pow. They had not been poached much and in areas, there were sections with waist high. Conditions were Epic! More like mid February. Oh, and did I mention cold? -7 and it didn't get above 5 the entire day so the pow stayed so lite and tasty.  I added in a few pics from last week doing a little creative skiing in the pioneer ridge area which was closed but with a little hiking up, we were accessing some untracked lines. There is also a couple of pics of me and Ms. Finn doing some snowshoeing up the mountain from T-Head to 4 Points lodge.

Teaser shot!  Click on the link below for a bunch more shots.  I'm in the white helmet. Ira in Grey.  Check out the Bear claw marks on the Apen tree! 


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 Great pictures! Merry Christmas!
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I have been waiting for this trip report.  Looks as if you finally got a great storm.  The pictures are great.  Merry Christmas!
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 Very happy for you buddy!
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Just got back to Denver still buzzing from the surprisingly amazing conditions we had at the 'boat, but then quickly began to sink into severe pow withdrawal.  Lo and behold, I got to relive it...though I'm still in withdrawal.  Great work nevertheless!  Between the conditions and the new 'Setheds that was one of the best deep powder days I've had in a long while.  It was a joy to share it with you and great to see you "Hoover" it up like a local...!  

P.S. More proof that the 'boat's 331" per year doesn't come close to telling the real story (and thank god it's not just 330" per year...).
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Ya killin' me Finn!      Its been raining here all day!!! 

Glad you got some goods.  Thanks for sharin!
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Sounds like you had a fantastic day Ira and Ron!

Raining here in PA too TC .  Supposed to cool down again late tomorrow, so hopefully we don't loose all of our base.

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Sweet!  Wish I was there and not here. 

Looks like you guys found the good goods.
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