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Old Skis

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Hello All

I started skiing an old pair of my dads K2 810's they are 205 with Look 77 Bindings.  I love sking these old sticks but everyone is telling me that the bindings will cause an injury if i fall just right.  No problems so far but now that though is in the back of my head. Anyone have any ideas about the Look 77 Bindings?
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Yes...imho, the Look 77 is the best binding ever made! If in good condition should have another 25 years of service left in them.

If "others" on this site try and convince you that these are too old, unindemnified or any other such nonsense, you just box them up and send them to me. I'll ski them gladly. Actually, they'll try and do the same thing with the skis too...so let's just make it a package deal, shall we!

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