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Hi all,

I find myself somewhat stranded in Nebraska..... again this year. I actually posted almost this exact same thing two years ago and it actually worked out for me. So here goes again.....

I'm trying to get out to Denver on either 29th or 30th to do some skiing until the 3rd before going back to Alabama where I work. Flights from Omaha and Lincoln have grown very expensive and I don't know a single soul who is driving back to Denver on those days. My planned ride had a change of plans and went back today. I am wondering if there are any Bears out there who are making the drive down I-80 in Nebraska on the 29th or 30th who would be willing to pick up a fellow skier at the big Flying J in Grand Island Nebraska (90 miles west of Lincoln) and drop me off in downtown Denver. I would be willing to pay for gas and talk about how awsome skiing is.

This probably won't work twice but I figured I would give it a try!

Happy Holidays!