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I'm praying for NO new snow.

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Yes, that's right. I need this week to remain cold and clear. I have a GS race this weekend. Not just any GS race, but a 175ish gate, almost 5000 vertical feet GS race with times from 5ish minutes and longer. The Peak to Valley Race on Whistler is a reverse age start, so I'll be skiing ruts up to the eyeballs if the snow doesn't firm up on the upper half of the course. Its a 4 person/team with at least one member of the opposite sex. 80 teams, split into two groups, with 2/team starting on Friday, the other 2 on Saturday. I'm running on Friday (my birthday), so if the storms come after I run, I'll be truly happy (though my team mates will hate it). Skis are razor sharp and ready to go. Just have to wax for temp and humidity closer to race day.
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Whish you luck this weekend. Sounds like one hellufa race: : is what I would look like halfway and like this finally at the end :

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good luck man..
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Happy Birthday for Firday Beta. Have a great race, and make sure you mention EpicSki in your winner's interview!


If I could ski as well as I talked, I'd be in the Irish Olympic squad!
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Betaracer -

We'll gladly take any snow heading your way off your hands. Just send it over to Western Montana & we'll make good use of it.
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My daughter knows your conern first hand. Her races, SG and GS last Sat and Sun were canceled as too much snow a t Nakiska. Also very old on Sunday - 34°. But she still free skied.
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I heard Nakiska was quite epic this weekend, would've been impossible to get an SG course up for at least a few days. And man, 175 gate GS course, you must have big legs [img]smile.gif[/img]
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yah, I just scored an entry into the race, and will be "racing" on Friday as well. My sucess criteria is still being alive at the bottom.

No danger of the snow stopping, so I think its powder skiing till then, and just doing the race on fat skis.

We are expecting upto 40cm overnight, and upto another 60 before then. This is on top of the 25 we had yesterday!
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It doesn't look like your prayers will be answered.
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Racers... : :

If this was TGR you would get kicked off for saying you don't want any new snow.
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I am getting tired of all the snow as well. 32-degree snow, 12" of fresh cement, high winds every single day. It would be nice to see the sun once in awhile. I wish we were getting hit with champagne powder, but we have seen little in the way of the good stuff-just lots of heavy slop. C'mon cold temps!
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40cms it was, and first lift it had to be. Absolutely knackered after tree runs, missing ski searches, and plain energy drain.

Face shots aplenty today. now need sleep before the big inter-house football tourny this evening. Oh and i have still to epoxy my GS skis after cutting right through various top layers in a huge (unplanned) jump/drop last week where I disloacted my thumb.

betaracer fancy getting trashed post run for the celebration? Are you in Whistler at the moment?
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