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Hi everyone, I just got back from a week in Whistler (Dec 13-18) and it was kind of eye opening for me. After 20 years of snowboarding, I'm pretty sure I want to take up skiing now. I skied as a kid from age 4-10, but that was so long ago, I'd essentially be starting over. I'm wondering if some of you could throw out some suggestions for a freeride or all-mountain setup where I'd be riding probably 80 percent groomed and 20 powder, though not backcountry, just a heavy snowfall day at a resort probably (I frequent Snowbird). I'm looking for a setup that's not too beginner-ish that I'd grow out of it after just one season... rather I'd like a setup I can grow into even if it thrashes me around for a while. It was suggested to me to look into some of the skis from Line. Price is not too much of an issue. 

Any suggestions?