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Where to spend a month in Europe?

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Next season, I'll have a month to spend to ski. Where to go in Europe?

I'd like to be able to participate in some FIS races, but also have good in-bounds AM/quasi-backcountry skiing (if you get what I mean).

I'm coming from the northeast.

I'd like to rent a chalet.

Should I even consider Switzerland or will it be too expensive?

Any passes that cater to the 1-month range?

And what type of budget should I expect?

I'd prefer to stay out of Austria, but would consider it...

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Martigny might by a good central location.  I have only made one very short trip, but did deep research.  I would want to ski the Alps in France and Switzerland for sure.  Maybe at least 2 locations.  Start googling ski resorts, get a map, look at the layout.  it won't be cheap. I would think it is going to cost 8K at the least. the very least.
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No, I haven't given this a thought. Do they have a ski team that you can race with there for a month?

Originally Posted by irafar View Post

Have you thought of Italy?


I don't believe, you can ski everything during the month


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 If honestly, I thought of huge skiing area under one ski pass...
Sorry, I can't tell about teams, but I did some searching in FIS-ski web site...
Here is the print screen of results..
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Switzerland is going to be very very expensive. Austria is the way to go in my opinion. I'd bounce around from a few different resorts for a week at a time. Kitzbuehel, St. Anton, Innsbruck area. Figure about 600-800 euros per week for the apartment, another 200 per week for the lift tickets. 50 euros for train tickets each time you go to a new town.

I've never skied in France, so I can't speak to that. Switzerland is great, but pricey and I actually like the small resort feel that most Austrian towns have.
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Not sure about the racing part, but I haven't seen many places that offer 1 month passes- if you plan to ski everyday, it will probably work out cheaper to buy a season pass if you decide to stay in one area.  Advantages to staying in one area/location include better potential to hook in with locals for sidecountry, less transportation costs and the chance to get a better long term deal on lodging. 

I spent the season 2 years ago in Bourg St. Maurice (below Les Arcs) and was happy with my choice.  In the past, 6+ day tixs/passes there have included days at other Espace Olympic areas- my season pass included 2 at Val d'Isere/Tignes and 2 at 3 Vallees. 
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I am from the netherlands and ski in austria and italy since childhood. Will be going to italy Marilleva in a couple of weeks.

Both Italy and Austria have great places to go
First thing to know, do you want nightlife or do not care at all?
Want no brainer it must be Austria.

For a month a car rental is most likely the way to go or go from place to place because you are not likely to stay in one.

To give you an idea i can easily ski the Saalbach-Hinterglemm for a week but a month? to small. But the nightlife is super. But stay away from anything owned by "Wolff". But they do hire people for the ski school speaking english if needed.
Kirchberg/Kitzbuhel is also very nice area
Want to be 100% snow secure go to Solden/Hochsolden or Kaprun to have a gletcher nearby.

Austria is not cheap at all calculate between 100-150 euro (yes that is 150-225 usd) a day for hotel, lift, food and drink. Buy sandwiches at the 711 to have a cheap lunch on the piste and to save 15 euro a day. For nightlife add 50-100 a pop....

Also check the distance to the airport if you are not renting a car. And make sure the car has winter tyres and snowchains, both are mandatory!

Just picking a place between the austrian, swiss, italian border can be fun you can actually ski in all 3 easily on a single day.

You prefer to ski and want better cheaper food not a real beer drinker go Italy
The Dolomitis supersk area is bigger, but again you want a week on one side and one on the other side. It is stretched.
The mountains are more steep overhere much rougher as austria..
You will save on the food, which is cheaper overhere and on the piste usually better as in austria. 

You want bigger as that no nightlife, well then france might be it, afaik those are the biggest ones. never been there it is french you know. But the pistes are huge...
Good luck picking a place.
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For just skiing (no real nightlife) France is very interesting. More advanced terrain. Higher. Bit more expensive and way less service than Austria. If I where you I would do 2 weeks Austria (Solden and Kaprun are good advices) and 2 weeks France (Les3vallees/ValThorens and PortesDuSoleil/Avoriaz). PortesDuSoleil coveres also pistes in Switzerland. By the way, I am also from the Netherlands. Meaning I have no "home"mountain but have to choose. -Dirk PS: When will you be here?
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Hi Mpb

Bourg St maurice would be a great place to base yourself. There are plenty of FIS races around the area depending on when you come and you get to ski in a number of major ski areas, Espace Killy, Paradiski, Three valley, La Ros (France)/La Thuile (Italy) and a few other smaller ski areas very nearby. These places are all within an hours drive from where Mefree stayed. If you want info about racing, renting somewhere, lift passes etc, etc, plus anything else, PM me and I will see how I can help.

You can also go to my facebook page and see pics of the area and what we get upto.

Hope that all helps.

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