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Back again this year for some more advice from the great folks here on EpicSki...

So background info first.

20, Tall, 170lb, Born and Raised in Tahoe.
Ski primarily at Northstar At Tahoe (AKA flat-star)
That's where I work, but I also ride Squaw a bunch.

Oh, when I die and go to heaven there will be endless soft bumps with tons of natural kickers, to launch/pull tricks off of and then when I get bored, there will be endless trees filled with new snow. Got the picture?

So, last year I picked up a pair of Blizzard Magnum 8.7's.
Amazing ski, super versatile. Great one ski quiver. So far in my opinion, the benchmark of what a "great" ski is. My standards are very high. Picked them up for a great price too, $350

And now it's time to add that second ski.

My current skis cover all the bases except for deep powder and I'm talking DEEP; Three plus feet (yes I just used a semicolon, don't freak out).

I haven't been to Granite Chief to get opinions from the great people there, but I'm sure I'll head over there soon.  

Anyways, mid-120-ish under foot seems crazy wide. I'm probably wrong, so please tell me I am. 
Also rocker makes sense, but don't know if it works in the real world... Steer me in the right direction.

So make some suggestions! I will not buy a ski without being able to demo them first. Choosing a ski is such a personal choice, what one person loves another hates (learned that last year skiing on Volkl Mantras...). So whatever you suggest, let me know where I can demo it. 

Extra props for something local. I would love to "rep" something from the Tahoe area.

Thanks a bunch!