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divide the cost of a chopper and pilot for one season among members of heli share.

reason: getting harder to have that perfect heli trip. go where you want with whom you want.

this forum has the talent to determine feasibility, damn sure.
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And where do you plan to undertake this "time-share?"
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This sort of already exists. You can buy a 'seasons pass' at a few different heli operations, cost is usually north of 100 grand. Worth every penny, I'm sure, if you have the means.

I'd find the time to make it worth while, which means I'm not equiped to earn the money... it's a catch 22.
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Originally Posted by Hacksaw View Post

And where do you plan to undertake this "time-share?"

Haines, Chugach, (I'm light on details). we could sleep in the chopper.parked in the lot. Like a rich man's parking lot van camping.

Whiteroom: I think that's like dishwashers and  construction workers on unemployment having more time for skiing than Orthopedic surgeons, and the like.
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