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Head RD's Insane for Non-Expert Skier?

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On my way home from skiing Sunday I stopped in a shop to see what my options were for getting a set of dedicated alpine boots for more precise response (until now I've been using Garmont Endorphin AT boots).  The fitter put my foot in a brannock contraption and immediately pulled out a pair of boots he referred to as Head RD's.  I wish I'd gotten the exact model, but I didn't.

He commented that my feet were A/B width and extremely low-volume and I'd want the narrowest last he had, which these were.  My feet went into them pretty easily, aside from some liner tightness in length at my big toe (shell fit seemed fine, and he commented on how much these boots could be ground/punched to dial in the fit) and painful tightness around my lower calf (he said the heat molding would fix this--it seemed to be due to the prominent achilles-gripper part of the liner coming up high enough to hit the muscle of my calf).  Otherwise I didn't have any discomfort or complaints, aside from some extra room side-to-side in the heel.

Here's my problem: I'm not an expert skier, and these boots seem to be designed for somebody who is.

I intend to use these for an every day, all-day boot.  My speed ranges from turning-only-when-the-trail-does to skiing with friends who've never been on skis before.  I'll use them on groomed stuff, in the trees, and occasionally some moguls.  I'm 29, 5'7", 160-ish lbs, and reasonably athletic.  I have good circulation and have had toasty feet in my current boots at -20F, but am a bit concerned about February in Maine in something like the RD, as well.

I've had mixed experiences with fitters before, so I'd like a second opinion.  Is the fitter nuts for recommending these, or is it a reasonable choice for somebody like me?


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A Head Raptor RD 130 is a collegiate/citizen race/advanced boot with 95mm last width (the RS has a 98 last width).  If you have well developed balance and turning skills this boot will perform really well on groomed slopes, if you take the bolts out of the back and soften the flex (to 120 flex)it should work well all over the mountain for your body weight.  I have skied it and found it very responsive (I weigh 172 lbs.)although it is to narrow for my foot.  At this boots' level  you will need to have your fore/aft balance position assessed in order to utilize the power of this boot--- you have to be held in the correct spot to not be out of balance.
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