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No snow and little work!

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Things is looking grim down here in Colorado. The recent warm weather burned off some of our precious snow, and now the howling wind is dealing with the remainder. Worse, our business seems very quiet. When you are scrabbling for work on a Sunday, you know things aren't too good. and that's why I'm sitting on the net on a Monday afternoon!
Which is all very well, but rent and food are things that just don't stop needing to be paid for.
(Glamorous life this).

Hopefully there is a whole lot of new snow secretly stashed in this new frontal system. If not, we may have to start snow dancing in earnest.

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We here on the east coast face the same situation. Worst ski year I remember in a looong time.Odd after the amazing season we had last year.MRW
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In midwest we are milking the produce of 10 good days of snowmaking we had in the last 35. Been record warm, 40-55 degree days, low 30 nights, barely sets up overnight. Skied 50 degree sunshine in heavy slush spring snow this weekend. Colder weather, and some light snow, is forcast. Our snow guns are poised...
Ski School programs are busy, mainly because of carry-over cancellations from early Dec.
We'll see how long it lasts, reserve is thin.
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We have a good snow cover in Vail but SS business is very slow. Its not the best year to be the new guy in town.

Oh well this is the nature of ski business and at least Oz junior is enjoying his big USA trip .... now if I can just get him out of the half pipe !!!!

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Maybe this is God's way of telling me I'm not missing much!
I got one week in Whistler before Christmas and had over 4ft of snow falling while I was there.
The other 2-3 weeks I would normally go one have been cancelled, but if there's not much snow, then I don't feel as bad.
Oz, if I was in Vail, I'd want you to teach me. I think I understand your humour!
I may be in Vail next December, but I'll let you know in the summer.

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We have had a front that promises snow, but all we have is wind. The Gondy at Steamboat shut down this morning. I don't know if is open yet. Probably the tw express chair are shut down. The have the bubble covers that don't fair well in the wind. The snowpack is sitting at 70% of normal in NM Colorado. We need snow for more than skiing!
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I just looked up the snowpacks for Vail=91% and Copper=81%. The Upper Colorado River Basin is also at 70%. Unless we get some substantial storms, it's going to be a dry summer.
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We are not in bad shape at all in Aspen. The snow cover is pretty good. Although, the wind for the last couple of days didn't help. As I type though, it is snowing outside. The local weather is calling for a big one, 9"-18" by tomorrow. That would be nice, but they are never right. [img]smile.gif[/img] SS business is down like it is all over. The new guys are not working much yet, and the Pros that have been around for awhile are holding their own. I think that it will pick up in Feb and Mar, but it's a little too late for profit I think. I'm hoping that our SS will learn from this and not hire anymore staff next season. I'm sure we will loose some because they may not want to take a chance and come from such long distances and not make any money if it turns out to be another bad business year.

Well, it's snowing now, and that's a good thing. Let's hope the weatherman is right for a change. [img]smile.gif[/img]-----------------Wigs :
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Yeah, staffing levels get to be a contentious subject when there are long periods of little work.
I believe here they hired less people than usual, and there seems to be a large contingent of elderly retiree part timers to call on.
That said, I notice that part timers sometimes are working when some full timers are not, which starts to make one wonder a bit.
Interesting that it appears from what you guys are saying that ski school business is down across the board. Depressing too.

Meanwhile today it does sound as though Aspen et al are getting all the snow! It's sunny here, with a big foggy cloud sitting on Mt Buffalo, and the wind is increasing.
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