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Shin Splints

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Well after day 3 of my 5 day ski trip in New Hampshire its looking like a stupid injury will end my skiing early after the first year of decent snow Christmas week in years

I got shin splints yesterday skiing Zoomer at Cannon. I thought maybe my thermals had bunched up, because I was getting some pain in my right shin after skiing Zoomer, but they weren't bunched. I went back to the lodge to get lunch and take my boot off for a bit because it was bothering me. After lunch I was having problems walking with my ski boots on. I tried to make a run on a ungroomed black and after hitting a few bumps was worried I had gotten a stress fracture in my leg from the pain I was in. I managed to make it back to the lodge, but in a great deal of pain. I had hit some bumps really hard and landed awkwardly forward off one and ended up hitting another one and landed really hard forward, and that's what I think did it. I tried Bretton Woods today and was okay doing the green groomers, but that got boring fast. I had taken 3 ibuprofen before skiing. I tried and intermediate glade, and regretted it afterword. I went back to the lodge and took 3 more. Tried to do a black...went back to the lodge again, pain was getting on the edge of tolerability. I convinced my father to ski the glade I had been in which was a minor miracle for a man who I can rarely get off a green slope. 

So I ended up trying to go for one more run through the glade. By the time I was mid-way through I was back to the I feel like my leg is broken level of pain. I made it my last run and eventually got back to the lodge (after some rather amazing circumstances, but those are in the "poach of the year thread")

Anyways, I can't ski through this much pain, I'm already skiing with a partially separated left shoulder and re-aggravated my damaged wrist. I'm taking tomorrow off to see if maybe I can still get Friday in. Anyone out there have to deal with shin splints. Is there going to be any significant difference from taking a day off from skiing or is the rest of my trip shot?
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It has been a long time for me but the year I spent in Colorado I came down with a severe case of shin splints. In my case they were gained from the impact of running in thin soled sneakers on hard pavement during my pre-season conditioning. I didn't actually know what they were at first and silly as this seems initially welcomed the onset of discomfort as evidence of some conditioning success. (You know, the "pain vs gain" thing). Well that misconception was quickly cleared up and they plagued me for a good part of the season. I found moguls and any kind of hard snow brought on a lot of pain. Relaxed, smooth skiing especially in soft snow did not produce much pain in my case. I can't say what might be best for you. I suspect every case is different. A day off your legs might actually cause the pain to recede and save your trip.. Some people recommend wrapping the shins with hot moist towels etc. I'm sure you will hear lots of remedies. Maybe a good soak in a hot tub an/or a steam bath? Hopefully someone with scientific medical knowledge will chime in. It is also possible that you may have a stress fracture of some kind I think so it might be a good idea to have it checked out. You have my sympathy.

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