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No sure where to post this but I thought it might give some a chuckle.

This was yesterday, I was at a local resort in one of the buildings taking off my gear….lockers, benches, etc. I hear this young girl (16-18) sitting on a bench across from me bust her boyfriends chops.

She - “ Wow, you fell a bunch today”.
He - “Yeah those stupid rental guys set the speed on my bindings too low”
She - “Huh?”
He – “They have settings on the bindings. Faster skiers have higher settings and slower skiers have lower settings. I guess they didn’t know how fast I was and set the bindings way too low, that’s why the skis kept coming off. I tried to slow down but…..those morons are clueless”

That’s when he looked up and saw me staring at him…..apparently with my mouth open…….I just smiled and blinked back the tears.

Of course armed with this new knowledge I checked my skis and sure enough…..according to him, I am a half-fast skier…….who knew????