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A "quiver" of boots?

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I am curious if such a phenomenon exists or is common. Certainly, many of us have particular skis for particular conditions. Can the same be said for boots, or is there no similar specialization. As for me, I have lots of skis, but use only one pair of boots - the ones that just feel the best. At the present time - Nordica Doberman 130 Pro's. Your thoughts?
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2 pr. plastic tele boots
  • old green Scarpa T2s; for easy touring and some turns
  • Bumble-Bee Scarpa T1s: steeps and on-piste
1 pr. leather tele boots for easy touring with few turns
2 pr. alpine boots (same model, different shell size)
  • smaller (305mm BSL) formerly for racing
  • larger (315mm BSL) originally for parts, but now for everyday skiing and what little racing that I currently do

Back when I was a serious racer in the mid '70s, I had a boot for DH (Nordica GT) and a boot for GS and SL (Nordica GP). The GT was softer and let me have a wide range of motion yet be soft on the edges in the snow.

I think from reading posts, that most people's variety is due to Tele, AT, Alpine and Snowboarding.
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My shelf currently has on it:

  • Alpina NNN-BC knee highs for when it's truly Siberian out
  • Old Scarpa T2 greens
  • Salomon Vitane for when I absolutely have to use SNS
  • Atomic Explorer BC50 for soft 3-pin skis  (no cable)
  • Alpina TeleLite leather/plastic combo for stiff 3-pin skis (with cable)
  • Alpina BC500 for skiing into work (no cable)
  • Merrell low leathers for with the all-wood skis
  • Koflach Tour Extreme for Dynafit  80's climb/hike double boot steeze
  • NaVas  (only slightly shorter than the NNN BC boots)
  • and 4 pair of random Dolomites and Atomics (299,306,317mm)
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Boots, like skis, should never be gotten rid of. You got them in the first place for a reason. Those reasons usually don't go away, just put aside for a while.

Just add to the selection and multiply by fun.
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I do, however, give boots away to people with better reasons.
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 For me its Nordica Dobermann Aggressor 130's for racing and Dalbello Krypton Pros for everything else. The Dobermanns are great for carving groomers and racing, but they are too uncomfortable/stiff/tight for all day freeskiing/park skiing. I don't know if I'd call two pairs a "quiver", but I definitely see the appeal of having more than just one pair of boots.
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Four pair for me.....3 for Alpine use, 1 for AT

Dalbello Krypton Pro
Head Mojo
Nordica Beast 10

Scarpa Tornado Pro
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I heard that a skier who climbed 26ers and skied down them had two sizes of alpine boots, one a little larger to accommodate a system for maximum warmth.
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