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Holiday Valley 12/21 & 12/22

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Made it to HV Monday PM with my daughter and her boyfriend for night session Monday and most of the day Tuesday. Kind of a Christmas present for the two of them, but I certainly enjoyed it as well. HV continues to deliver great early season conditions these past years I have skied there before Christmas and this year kept the streak going. The cover was very good. Most everyhting was open except Chute ( tons of snow on it though) , The area where Falcon is, and the Wall being still unopened.

Monday night it snowed at least several inches maybe 4" plus? Made first tracks down Yodler and it was great. Groomed with fluff on top. Met and skied with the aptly named Heluva Skier who trust me lives up to his tag line! I didn't think I was a fast skier, but its a good thing the runs aren't real long, because he's at the bottom awful quick, with the hip when coming across the fall line just about scraping the snow. Anyway, its fun to witness somebody who can ski at that level.

Stayed at the new Tamarack Lodge adjacent to the Main Chlaet. Quite a departure from the Peace Creek Inn 5 mils down the road and the Telemark where I would have stayed if alone. The Tamarack is really something. Pretty impressive condo units and a substantial outlay of capital went in to building this place. We got there at 3 PM but they wouldn't let us check into 4 PM, which was a bit of a bummer, checkout is at 10AM. They just opened on 12/18 and in fairness haven't got everything working perfectly smoothly yet. Had a bite to eat at the John Harvard Brew Pub in the building. When we walked in there were a number of empty tables and the hostess said at least an hour and the kitchen was backed up. We found 3 seats at the bar and we had our food in 30 minutes. Love the Beef on Weck when I 'm in this neck of the woods.

My daughter's boots were inching her on the side of her foot and Mud Sweat and Gears blew both out for a very fair cost of $20 . By the way this is a very good ski shop with a very good staff of guys that can do boot work. I had my soles canted there last year and it was like $100. Very reasonable and good people.


Back to the skiing, I grew up skiing at HV. I really like the place, #4 in the East is a bit overstated, but its truly a great little area with a great "feel" to it. Heluva tells me I have to go to Holimont and I'd like that better. Need to do that before I croak.

I don't have anything against snow boarders but Monday night it seemed there were 2 boarders to every skier which I was surprised about.

Hope to get back sometime next month and steal a day.



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Its too bad we didn't get any pictures yesterday. By the end of the day it was beautiful. The clouds that dropped the snow overnight were gone by noon leaving cloudless skies for us all afternoon. Roundturns and I spent the morning lapping every run that I was open at least once. I don't know how many runs we made, but I know it was a A LOT. Despite what he says, roundturns holds his own just fine. I wasn't waiting at the bottom for him much at all.

Most of the trails at the Valley are pretty decent. There were a few that were fluffy powder over icey death cookies, but only in a few places.

I actually found myself at Mud Sweat and Gears at the end of the day as well. I originally planned on going to get some neoprene for the tongues of my boots. But... at the end of the day one of my boots was feeling really strange, but I wrote it off as being me because I've been having boot issues early this season. When I took my boots off however, the cuff was no longer attached at the pivot point on one side. Apparently I had lost the screw and cuff alignment piece during the day. As it turns out, these are hard to come by, but as always, Miguel  at Mud Sweat and Gears saved me and had one in the back room.

Hopefully the next time roundturns comes our way, more of the local crowd can make it out. Lars - if you're reading you were missed!


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Does KB have any cover?

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not sure about cover at kb but heard it would be January before they open.  I was at hv on tuesday evening and the skiing was pretty good.  Cant wait to go back next week.
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