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This post took a while but I didn't want to post anything until I had actually skied. Experience was absolutely top notch. Doctor D spent quite a bit of time giving me information and working with me on getting just the right kit, extra items, and the correct waxes for me and my family.  Took the fam. Out yesterday and was blown away. I’ve spent a lot of money over the years paying shop after shop for wax/tune jobs. None of them could touch the results I got from doing it myself. Slide was smooth and crazy fast on mine. For the first time in my life I finished a day with no graying on the ski base (all three pairs we skied).  Honestly, at the end of last year I was about ready to scrap my skis for something else.  They just never acted right.  Once I worked the edges over and got this wax done up right, they nearly skied themselves.  Was like a brand new pair of skis.
With the personal touch, crazy value, and incredible results I couldn’t be happier! Can’t wait for my week in Colorado after Christmas now!
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Thanks for the kind words, do you mind if I use this on my site as a product review?

Happy New Year all,
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sure thing
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+1 Doctor D is awesome.  He spent I don't remember how much time with me on the phone about 2 years ago and really helped me select the right waxes (it helps that I often ski at the same place he does ;) )
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I've been really happy with his stuff too. I bought a kit from him last February and started tuning the skis. It's great how well a pair of waxed boards slide!
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marc's a great guy, He got me started as well. Just picked up a couple of items. It may seem trivial but supporting all of the sponsors here even with small purchases can really add up for these guys who do so much for us. 

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+1 for Dr. D from me as well. He got me started 3-4 years back with a very affordable kit. He is still taking care of me with some very good stuff even though I am not a regular big spender.

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+1 cudos to Dr D. got the package today. prompt and precise order processing and shipment.

totally liked the beer opener ;-) very important item here in PDX





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As it's Cyber Monday, Racewax has a 15% discount plus free shipping if over $75.


Did an order for some tuning tools, deal too good to pass up.

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It seems to register 15% off even if it's under $75.  I don't really need anything now, at least not enough to spend the shipping cost.  I wish I did.

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Another +1 - ordered a tuning kit on Friday, received it today.

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