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Swix SGC CT1 Tip replacement?

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Hey guys,
I recently broke the tips of my beloved swix GS poles. I'm pretty sure I just need new tips, as the red showing through still has sealer on it. My question is how the heck do i remove these things? 
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The tips have a pin that holds them in place. Runs horizontally through the shaft. It's under the basket. They also coat the shaft with a light epoxy glue. What I've done in the past is cut off the basket {it's on tight}, then use the right sized punch to hammer out the pin,  and then use a sharp knife to cut off the plastic tip. Next sand off any of the epoxy and smooth the shaft. To re-install, you need to drill through both sides of  the new tip {for some reason they are not pre-drilled}. I coat the shaft with a light epoxy. Then tap the pin back in, and install a new basket {which covers the pin}. Often use a little liquid soap to make that easier.

I find that tip to be the weakest part of the pole. We always have a couple of them, and a couple of baskets on hand. You can get them online through most any Swix dealer. They will break, and I use LIGHT epoxy, as I know that at some point, I'll be replacing the tip again. I've also used silicone a couple of times. The pin is what actually holds the tip in place. If you use too strong a bond, cutting it off and sanding next time will be a challenge.
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