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BOYCOTT THE LOT......GORE MTN Skiers unite!

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The Olympic Development Corp has decided that my desire to reach the mountain early and get a good parking spot should be punished with a 10$ fee.  See, they seem to think that by cutting the parking lot in half and reserving the best area, closest to the mountain, as a "Prime Parking" lot the mountain can make some money.   In truth so far this season the largest group to pay for parking has been thirteen cars! (many of them handicapped parkers who dont pay)   This lot might get filled two weeks this season and the rest of the time we will walk through an empty lot to get to the mountain.   Worse is that by limiting free parking more people will need to park on the access road and that is just plain dumb.   Many of us have already paid for a season pass or multiple season passes, lessons, child care,  NYSEF fees, NASTAR runs, lockers, on and on only to be hit with this insult.   There has got to be a better way and we want Gore to figure one out.  This is not how you treat season pass holders.  Dont punish me or my family because we woke up early got our asses in gear and are ready to ski.    

If you agree with me please write to Gore and let them know.   Gore skiers unite!
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LOL, the joints out this way sometimes charge  A FRIGGIN DOLLAR then give you a dirty look when you don't have anything that small like they would like a five ro ten with a keep the change smile.  I've been up twice this year to different spots and haven't gotten gouged for parking yet.  I expect to next week though.

Another thing I've heard the greedy bastages at some places do now is to give you all dollar coins in change when you buy something, food, a sticker, etc.. at the lodge.  The idea is that you won't want to ski with all that excess weight in your pockets so you will spend it all there.

Honestly, I'm surprised they don't charge everyone everywhere, even the satellite lots, for parking at these money pits. 
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The wife and I quit season passes at Gore/WF this year. Too many seasons of: poor snowmaking, closed lifts/terrain during the week, surley employees, etc. Had enough. Last year Gore upped their prices to near Vermont prices and don't offer near what you get at a real ski resort.
Today, Gore has 30 trails, (that includes things like the driveway-length connectors); Okemo has 82 Trails and Stratton has 72. My pass to Okemo/Stratton cost ~$200 more. IMHO, way better value! I'm tired of feeling like a second-class citizen the the New York State "bargain" ski areas. Used to be the State areas were priced significantly lower than those in VT and were indeed a good alternative. Not any more!!

Sure, Gore/WF has awesome terrain, (when it's open), but I'd rather ski on reliable conditions and not have to ski on my rock skis as often.

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I couldn't believe it when I drove up to Gore 2 weeks ago and the lot attendants asked if we wanted to pay $10 to park up by the lodge!  It does not surprise me that they have lowered themselves to this.  To top it all off, there were only 10 cars in the corral that has space for 200+.  That's $100.  To piss off all of your longtime customers for a lousy $100 is unconscionable.  

There is a Facebook page dedicated to this.  Check it out.

Also, here is an article in today's Post Star...

Edit.  The above link does not work.  Sorry!
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We would switch to another place but we live so close and its a great mountain.  I firmly believe that they are improving the mountain as a whole but this one issue just sticks im my craw!!
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If the pay lot remains largely empty - and people complain - the Hill will likely reduce the number of pay spots.

Boycott by not paying for the prime spot.

The Hill will react sensibly if you complain sensibly.

The Hill is there to make money - don't be too mad at them for trying a new way.
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You have to remember we're in a big recession and Gore is just trying to not go out of business. Once they see that this is not the best business plan, they may reduce or remove it.
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