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ski instructional videos...useful?

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Before any of you suggest getting lessons, I can't afford them.

Are instructional videos useful? I saw the "Breakthrough On Skis 2 - Bumps & Powder" video on the internet. Moguls and powder are definitely my two biggest problems. Would you guys recommend buying that video? Any alternatives to cheap instructions?
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My son, who is about to be seventeen years old, is a terrific skier. He has what appears to be absolutely flawless form. He is graceful, and his movements economic. He skis bumps like they're the bunny slope. I would cut of my left something-or-other to be able to ski half as well.

Where did he learn to do that?

Certainly not from me. Certainly not from in-person instruction, since he hasn't had that since he's been four years old, and all they taught him was the "pizza wedge".

I know where he learned that! He watched videos, and then he imitated the skiers he liked best. He watched non-instructional videos, like Rob and Eric DesLauriers with John and Dan Egan, Glen Plake, whomever. He watched instructional mogul videos with Nelson Carmichael, John Smart, Mike Douglas. He HATED Lito's vids - boooooooaring. Once, we got to ski with John Egan, and my son just imitated him [for the moment, because my son's form is more of a refined sort].

That's my son. He's naturally athletic and has been skiing since he's been four years old. . . and I? Well, as those who attended the EpicSki Academy and the gathering in Utah this year can attest, I'm a very, very average skier - improving, to be sure, but average nevertheless.

So my answer: Videos work very well for some people and not so well for others. In my own view, the slowmo stuff from Lito is close to useless, but the visualization from John Smart and Mike Douglas is priceless, and Nelson Carmichael's lessons with his sister, an average skier, are encouraging.

So, try it - you might like it. Can't hurt, and if you leave Lito out, the others are very entertaining.
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Lito's book is good; his video is OK to watch with young kids (5-6-7 years old), as they usually are in that stage of development when they watch and memorize, and the slowmo is just what they need. For myself, I recorded Olympics and World Championship competitions and play them in slow motion every now and then.
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Slowmo every now and then is hunky dory. Having the whole blooming thing in slowmo is less than useless for me, but . . . each to our own, right?

When I started skiing about eleven years ago, I read Lito religiously. Since that time, I've decided that his way is not the better way for me to learn. There are better books and better videos for me, though none of them are as good as in-person instruction with the right instructor . . . but I've been spoiled, because I had four days of the 2003 EpicSki Academy with nolo, and one of them also including Bob Barnes. They ignited a process of learning and improvement which continues and shows no sign of letting up. I think of and work on many things, but whenever I click into my bindings, I think: "One thing."
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The most benificial videoas I've seen in recient years are from Harald Harb's book/video sets.
"Anyone Can Be an Expert Skier" 1 & 2

I particularly recomend the second video as of value to any level skier (or instructor).

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