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Mount Snow, VT

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We have a trip planned to Stratton, VT in March and am thinking of hitting Mount Snow for a mid week day trip while in the area.  Can anyone recommend which base lodge at Mount Snow is the most convenient to access both parking and lifts while still offering full services and a decent place for an apres beer?    
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Whenever I go to Mt. Snow, I wind up parking in lot B (right by the ski school building).  Lot B seems to be the closest walk to the clocktower lodge, which is in turn spitting distance from the lifts.  You can park over at Carinthia, but the only thing at Carinthia is terrain parks (if that's your thing, then by all means, park there !)

You can get everything at the clocktower lodge -- lift tickets, lunch, etc.  I'm not sure if they serve alcohol there or not.  The town of West Dover is just south along Rt. 100 (less then a mile) where you can find anything -- ski shops, restaurants, bars, etc.
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When I was younger, we used to get there early and park in the first row nearest the lifts, (not sure if the lay out has changed?). Ski down to the car at lunch, cold cuts fresh rolls, cheese, beer, soda, snacks at the car. The best tailgate around, much better then inside.
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i think in march mid week there will be only one lodge open...
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Thanks, You may be right.  I should be able to check with them as we get closer.
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