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Hi, straight away.... I am 6'6" 220 athletic build. I am extremely comfortable on blue runs and can keep up to most on any black, dbl black run.

Question is, I've learned how on, and dropped bowls in backcountry of Copper Mountain's Tucker Bowl, on my Atomic BetaCarve's. They are like 8 years old. 180cm's.

I hate them.... haha.

I really think the LINE prophet 90 FLITE's are what i want.

A) am I simply too big for them? as in, too heavy and might break them?
B) would I be better off with a ski w/ some metal in them? i.e. -> 4FRNT MSPs / Nordica Dead Money's?

I want to do some groomers, cuz I ski with beginners as well... but want to stay mid-way to summit area and learn to rip tree runs. I dont intend to ever pipe or park, thats a shorter's man world, I steer clear and just watch with enthusiasm and appreciation. I have yet to find pillows, but if I do, i'm TOTALLY in that line. Some (side of run jumps and odd-ball mid-run trail jumps that come back to run are fun, and i'd like to air off those a bit...)

Alright, that being said..... Gimme your recommendations please!

Thanks guys!