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Pre-tibial edema! Please advise.

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Just skiied 3 days at winterpark in my new Nordica hotrod 125's. Day 2 I had shin pain. Day 3 it was almost unbearable to bend knees forward. I had only a few red marks on shins after skiing. But I had significant pitting edema (meaning you push your finger into the swelling and it leaves a lasting depression). Two days later the edema is almost gone. Pain is all but gone. Boots otherwise fit great. I used a thin smartwool, (but did try a medium as well). Nothing was inbetween my shin and boot except sock. Never had this problem before with new boots. I had them fitted at a reputable shop and do have custom insoles. I expected new boots to have some problems, and am going back to shop to discuss. But the shin problem concerns me, as I am not sure what would cause it, and what can be done to the boot. I already have one of the 2 plugs out to make it softer. Is the boot too stiff? I have a pic of my shin if that helps with diagnosis. I am heading out west to ski for 5 days in a few weeks and would like to not have that unbearable pain!
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Pitted edema----go see your doctor befor you ski again !!

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I am a physician, and I can assure you there is nothing that needs to be done in regards to trreatment.  The edema resolved in 3 days, and was just pre-tibial - nowhere else in the leg.  This was caused by localized trauma to the shin from the boots.  But I am not sure why?   Has anyone ever encoutered this before?  The shins still hurt a little, but only if I push real hard on the tibia.  Again, there was nothing between the boot and the leg except a sock. 

Any ideas?
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what is the shell fit like?  might be too big?

try with boot with the power strap on the inside of the shell to get better contact with your shin.

eliminator tongues might help?

any better with a small heel lift?
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I will mention those options when I go to the bootfitter today.  I think the heel lift may be a good idea - as I did feel a bit of relief on my shins if I lifted my heel.  It felt as if the boot was somehow hitting my shin in the "wrong" spot, or perhaps the wrong angle?  

Again, this has nothing to do with an underlying medical condition.  This is a one time occurence that has never happen with any other pair of boots.  It has something to do with the way the boot is contacting my shin. 
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FYI.  Bootfitter was impressed with my picture of the shin swelling.  He put in some heel lifts and seems to think that will solve the problem.  Thinks there was too much room around my calves and, despite the fact I had the boot tight, he thinks there was banging of my shin against the tongue.  He also gave me some self molding tongue inserts to put along my shin, but only if the heel lifts do not work. 

I'll let you know how this plays out.
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