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IM78 Question/Opinions sought...

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Just wanted to pick the collective's brain on an addition to the quiver.  Currently looking for a mid-waist all-mountain to replace the Nomad Highnoons i sold to a friend (good ski, a little soft.)  Currently have a set of Palmer P02's (171, 68 waist) for dedicated carving and Dynastar MR's for soft snow (172, 90 waist.)  I was looking to split the difference in terms of waist width for a do it all everyday ski here on the east coast.

Everything i've read on the Head IM 78 is very positive and having demoed several Supershape models i like the 'feel' of the Head products.  Almost ready to take the plunge but just gotta resolve two nagging questions first. 

1: At $500-600 with bindings the IM78s are pricey for a last season stick.  Is there anything else that is up to the task performance-wise for a little less $$?  Really looking for something between 75-80mm waist, versatility being the main goal of this purchase i need something that can handle most any snow.  I like the Elan's (magfire 78?) but suspect they might be a little more carvy than the Heads. 

2: 171 or 177?  I'm 5'10, 155 level 8.  I imagine the 177 is going to be too beefy for me but I dont want to lose too much in cruddy snow.  I demoed some peak 88s two weeks ago in a 175 and got the feeling that i needed another 3 inches and 35 pounds to get the most out of them.  With the IM being a bit softer should i take the chance or play it safe with the 171?

Thanks in advance..
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I would go the 171's at your weight. Plus you add in that the Head Monsters are pretty demanding skis overall the last thing you want to do is push the size.  

I ski the 2009 Head Monster IM78 in a 177 version. I'm 5'11" and about 190. Prices your finding seem a little high. I'd keep my eye out around here, websites, and Ebay. You should find them for about $275 to $350 and good bindings can always be found cheap on Ebay. I think if you dig around and continue to look you can get a whole setup for about $400 to $425 and maybe even a little less.

To be honest with you I think you'll find you won't even be using  your Palmer's anymore. IM78 is a great one ski quiver for the east coast. It does it all very well without issues.

P.S.: With the cult following the Monsters have you can also get good $$$ on the resale of them.
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Update - pulled the trigger last night on a new in the wrap pair w/mojo 12's for 500.  Hope i didnt get hosed too bad, i kept seeing them for 449 new w/o bindings so i figured this would be at least a decent deal and with the season fully underway i didnt want to waste time.  Now i just have to wait for them to arrive.......

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