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I just spent a week in Vail.  It was my first time there, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  Even though there was very little snow and most of the mountain wasn't open (including all the bowls), I had a lot of fun.  I'm definitely going to have to get back there when the conditions are better.  I brought my old Metron 9s and my brand new ('07) SX:10s and I ended up riding my SX:10s for most of the week; those are some pretty awesome skis.  Unfortunately the thin snow conditions led to me putting a pretty deep 1/2 inch ding in an edge, which probably won't be able to sharpen out ever. 

I didn't get any work done there, but my cousin got his skis waxed and sharpened at Christy's and it looked like they did a nice job for only 25 dollars.  My uncle got his done at Vail Sports for 30 dollars, which was after a 25% discount from his ski club, and they didn't do nearly as nice a job. 

I have to say, as much as I enjoyed the skiing at Vail, my very favorite thing at Vail is The Boot Lab in the Lionshead Village.  They are miracle workers.  I know very little about boot fitting, but when I bought my boots I definitely knew nothing.  I bought my boots at the Ski Haus in Brewster, NY because they were recomended as a good boot fitter.  Apparently they mangled the boots and pretty much did everything wrong.  The guys at The Boot Lab managed to transform my boots from horribly painful to pretty near comfortable, which I was sure could never happen.  Anybody going to Vail who wants some boot work done, should check them out.  As far as I could tell they are pretty competitively priced and friendly, and they encouraged me to come in as much as I needed to so they could work on getting my boot fit right.