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Keystone River Run Day Lodge?

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Anyone know if Keystone put in any sort of day lodge in River Run where non-skiers can hang out?  My wife no longer skis and needs a comfortable place to sit after snowshoeing.  With the closing of the Blue Light last year, she had to take the bus to the Mountain House which is a pain.  I know they got lots of complaints about this issue last year but he website doesn't indicate they have done anything.
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No one with some knowledge about the River run base out there?
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My knowledge is from two years ago, before they improved the gondola.  I don't know if they added some more buildings at base.  There are a fair number of shops, restos at that base.  Some contain areas to hang-out/loiter.  There wasn't one single large, fancy base lodge at that location.
I wrote this trip report and it contains a picture of the River Run base:

Unique to Keystone (and that base area) is the opportunity to ride two consecutive gondolas to a point high up on the mountain.  Fun scenic ride, and would allow your wife to see/hang-out/dine at the impressive North Peak summit lodge and take in views from there and the Dercum Mtn lodge/summit.  Wonder if they would let her snowshoe up there?
Once she's up there she may be tempted to ski again.  Keystone has some very low beginner ski trails even from the summits of the aforementioned peaks.  I mention some of them in my report.
Have fun.
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What passed as a locker room/day lodge got torn down when the gondola work happened.  There is a Starbucks and another coffee shop in River Run you can hang out in all day.
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Thanks Steve.  As I suspected, Keystone hasn't fixed the problem they created with the new gondola and conversion of the old bar into a skier services building (with no place to sit).  The building that got torn down used to be decent day lodge, but got converted to rentals and other services several years ago.  So I guess its the shuttle to the Mountain House again this year.
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I heard they were doing some changes in MH too but I haven't been inside yet this year.
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I'd ask this over on Keystone's Facebook page or Twitter.
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