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What are my options..

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I'm currently looking for new top performance ski boots. I understand the importance of seeing a boot fitter to get the right boot for your foot. However, I currently reside in Boston, MA and there is one giant obstacle. I've been to numerous places within a 1 hour radius... some that are even listed as good boot fitters on this website. Yet a few of them had no top-performance boots, and some only have 1 or 2 of the boots I was looking at. I've also called shops that are within 3 hours of me, and none really carry all the top boots from different manufacturers.

What do you suggest I do? The only real option i would think is to try to figure out myself which boot fits me and then go to a boot fitter to do the rest...

I currently have a tecnica icon carbon boot and been looking at the tecnica diablo 120, tecnica race pro 130 and Atomic Hawx 120... along with some of the top Nordica boots. I don't race anymore so I'm looking at high performance boots that also are comfortable.

Thanks for your suggestions.
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why not stop by and see how some of the boots that the stores have fit you?   they might not have been on your top 5 list, but they might work.   I have found that just about every company makes a good boot for someone, just a matter of finding that person.  Also the store carried  the boot brands and models for a reason.   why not go try some?

Or just buy a few pairs, and take them to a boot fitter and you guys find out what works..
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