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Do Intuition liners run small?

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Friends, last year I got a pair of Intuition Power Wraps for my Dalbello Krypton Pros. The boots are a 26.5. The shop put me into a size 8 Intuition. I went through the requisite fitting toe pain. But it did not end there. Got big time toe crunch. So cooked them again - this time with the solid toe cap. Skied with them again. Same issue. Cooked and stretched again. Then went out to Vail. Had Greg Hoffman's shop put the pneumatic boot stretcher thing in and put the power to it all while heating the toe area. Those are some stubborn liners. Better, but still toe crunch in the big toe area. After a day of skiing, my big toes are visibly pushed over towards the other toes.
So went back to the shop where I got them and they kindly agreed to replace with a size 9.
So do Intuitions typically run small, or narrow (I have narrow chicken feet to begin with). The size 8 is a good 1/2 inch shorter than the stock liner, even after the torture I put it through. So is the 9 going to work - or even be too big.
Or is it a shell issue - with the toe box too narrow for the added girth of the Intuition liner vs. neoprene for the stock. This seems less likely to me because many Krypts come with an Intuition liner. Finally, how should the liner feel when you put it on before it is cooked - tight in the toe - just big toe touching - no touch at all?
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my money is that the liner is short, i just put a US8 intuition into an atomic M tech in a size 25.5 shell, it was a touch longer than the stock iner but the 7 was way short, and whilst the 8  went end to end in the boot there was no wrinkles
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David, I'll be interested in the replies to this.  I have an unused Intuition for the same reason.  Just short-lasted, and a size 11 in a 28 boot didn't work out.
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 The best way to size the liners is to put them sole to sole with the heels on a flat surface and find the best match for length. As we know from other footwear an 8 is not always an 8 or a 26.  Don't trust the numbers. 
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My Power Wrap Intuition liners are size 10 and seem to work perfectly for a Head shell size 27.5.
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Bob, by extrapolation ( or something considerably simpler) a 9 would be correct for a 26.5, all other things being equal.
And screamindoggies, not sure why your lithmus test never occurred to me before yesterday when I did just something similar to what you suggested at the shop pkg lot. Put liner sole on boot sole. Verdict - way short.
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